ORII Smart Ring is Now Smarter with Gesture User Interface

It has almost been a year since I got hold of the ORII smart ring by Origami Labs from Kickstarter. Now, the company has announced new enhancements that are going to make this smart ring even smarter.

Before talking about the new GUI (Gesture User Interface), let us see some pictures of the product. Here is the box where you store and charge the ORII smart ring via Micro USB.

And here is how it looks like when ORII is being stored inside the box.

This is the ORII Smart Ring.

And this is me trying to show you how it looks like talking with the ORII smart ring. Strange?

So, what exactly is ORII?

Orii is a ring that uses bone conduction technology and Bluetooth to transmit vibration that travels through your finger bone into your ear, letting you speak and hear through your finger.

And with a push of a button, you can talk to your finger with your voice assistant (Siri or Google). Sounds great? It is. However, disclaimer here. You will need a lot of practice to hear clearly and it is not recommended for long talks.

I am not doing a review here. Instead, let us concentrate on the announcement.

ORII Gesture User Interface (GUI) Launch Official Announcement

ORII, the world’s first voice-powered smart ring, has officially launched an unforeseen set of gesture-control features to redefine voice assistant interactions. The introduction of gesture-control leverages the ring’s existing screen-free capabilities but further expands the premise to encompass not only communication but also control for daily interactions that previously required screens.

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ORII’s brand-new Gesture User Interface – GUI will be launching on July 16, 2019 at 4 PM (HKT), for all existing and new ORII users.

These will include sets of gestures varying across three different situations:

ORII with phone only

  • Double tap pointing up: ORII triggers voice assistant (Siri or Google Assistant)
  • Double tap on the wrist and raise: ORII reads out messages

ORII with headsets connected*

  • Double tap pointing down: ORII skips a current music track
  • Double tap pointing to left: ORII plays/pauses current music track

ORII with smart home

  • Double tap pointing horizontally: ORII turns smart lights on and off

*Gesture will be updated continuously for the best user experience. Please refer to our website for the most up-to-date gesture map.

**Android only

Discreetness and ease optimized

The gestures were selected for their intuitiveness and naturalness in motion but made sure to not interfere with everyday movements; they were carefully considered to not create a steep learning curve for users to adopt and chosen to maximize convenience.

The introduction of gesture features has been deliberated since the ideation of ORII, and a 6-axis gyroscope accelerometer was built inside each ORII unit ever manufactured in anticipation for this launch. The new interface is a hidden present for all existing ORII users, and we are so excited to finally reveal something that we have been working on from the start.

In addition to the pre-set gestures above, more is being done on extending adjustable and personalized shortcuts to an array of gestures using the IFTTT platform, which allows users to attach customized functions to certain gestures and makes it even easier for them to control their smart devices as they wish.

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Do more with voice

ORII is expanding the conversational interface with both voice and gesture controls now compatible not only with smartphones while on the go, but also with smart home devices while at home. The same way smartphone use was redefined from screen-based to voice-powered using ORII, users can now also access smart home devices through discreet and more accurate voice commands. The need to shout across the room is eliminated with ORII; a simple whisper can now control smart appliances.

Users of voice assistant technology have increased steadfast for the last five years since its mainstream availability, and the consumer trend has moved in search of ways to make using technology more natural and with easier methods, such as through speaking. ORII is looking to leverage this trend with a refreshing solution rooted in simplicity and integration, putting all smart devices on one’s finger, making voice assistant readily available both inside and outside the home.

All devices in one place

ORII is now upgraded to a product that builds inter-device consolidation to provide user ease in interacting with diverse sets of consumer electronics. More can now be done with less, fully shifting the market need of the product towards comprehensive control whilst remaining optimized for on-the-go communication.

Improvements are perpetually ongoing to enhance new and existing customer experiences, each bringing us one step closer to achieving our vision of a screen-free future.

About Origami Labs

Origami Labs creates wearable technology solutions for consumers and businesses, making it faster, simpler, and less intrusive to use smart devices. By tapping into the power of a conversational interface that combines bone conduction and voice assistant technology, Origami Labs is looking to redefine screen-free communication.

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ORII is the company’s first product. Created in Hong Kong, ORII is now available in-store in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, and Taiwan. ORII plans to continue expanding its market to include more countries around the world in the near future.

If you are interested, here are some more information

Pricing and Availability


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