The Best Bagel from Mogics Has Arrived

2 years ago, I bought the Mogics Bagel from Kickstarter because of its innovation as a Power Strip (or Extension Power Socket, as some might be more familiar with). It is now a “Must-Have” item during my travel and on my bag daily. End-last year, they upgraded the adapter to be more robust and versatile. Finally, I got my hands on them a few days ago.

For Mogics, the US version is called Doughnut (with US power socket) and the International version is called Bagel (with universal socket and adapter). I bought the Bagel as it is more versatile.

The Mogics Bagel has 4 universal sockets, 1 US socket and 2 x 2A USB ports, all in one compact design. It has a cord that is around 92cm long. Enough for most tasks.

What’s is in the Package for the New Mogics Bagel?

Here is the first look of the Mogics Bagel.

So nice, a “Thank You” card.

Top View

Bottom View

The 2 x USB ports.

The 1 x US power socket.

One of the 4 universal socket.

What’s New in this New Version?

Little has been changed since the first version. The carrying case has been modified. There is no hole in the center. That is actually agreed after a survey from the backers.

PS: Do note that the older Mogics Bagel selling in the market right now has a grey carrying case with a hole in the center.

Left: Latest Bagel, Right: First Version Bagel

Here is side by side comparison of the new (top) and the first version (bottom) Mogics Bagel.

The biggest change is the Adapter. It is now stronger (better soldering and slight design change).

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The Adapter – Top View

The Adapter – Bottom View

New improved soldering.

External appearance-wise, here are some changes. It is now taller.

Here is the difference in height.

On the back, it seems like they did not change the mold. Everything is the same, including the model number. Did you see that? It is designed in Singapore 🙂

And here is their version of 3-pin plug. Totally usually but a little fragile. Not suitable for usage on an industrial socket (too hard to insert properly into it). So, please handle with care or get a cheap 3-pin adapter instead of the original to use it (pro advice).

And it can now be used in more countries, thanks to some innovative solution. You can now extend the pin tip to reach sockets that are deeper.

Here is a chart to show the compatibility of the new Mogics Bagel.

Should you get the latest Mogics Bagel if you already owned the initial version?

NO, if you have no problem with it so far, or if you intend to use it only in a few countries that you confirmed you have no issue using it already.

YES, if you travel to some countries and you found that the Bagel’s adapter is not working well as shown in the chart above.


The Mogics Bagel is one of the best Kickstarter projects that I have supported. It is fully functional although I would think that the Adapter can be improved to be more robust (the support leg for the 3-pin socket is weak). And the cord can be a little longer. 92 cm is great but longer is better.

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As you can see, I am nick-picking the “flaws” of this product. I am sure many will buy it, especially travelers who do not want another bulky power strip to add to their luggage.

Check out the new Mogics Bagel on Kickstarter