New Emoji coming to Apple iPhone this Fall

Are you a fan of emojis on Apple iPhone? Good news! Apple is introducing new emojis this fall (September to November period). Here are some exciting emojis to look forward to.

Holding Hands emoji

Holding Hands Emoji

Users will now be able to select any combination of skin tone, in addition to gender, to personalize the people holding hands, opening up more than 75 possible combinations.

Disability-themed Emoji

Following Appleā€™s proposal to the Unicode Consortium last year to introduce more disability-themed emoji, a new guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid, wheelchairs, a prosthetic arm, and a prosthetic leg will be available in the emoji keyboard.

New additional emoji in different categories

Additional emoji categories are getting updates with a new smiley face for yawning, a one-piece swimsuit, new food items including a waffle, falafel, butter and garlic, and new animals like the sloth, flamingo, orangutan, and skunk.

I love the sloth.

59 new emoji designs will be available this fall with a free software update for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. The new emoji are created based on the approved characters in Unicode 12.0.