HTC to launch new smartphone at Double Exposure Event today?

The day (10.08) has arrived (depending on time zone). HTC is about to unveil some products at the Double Exposure event that might or might not change the way people look at them. Based on the rumors, there might be multiple products. Not sure if they are referring to the same one product or not.


The first rumor is a GoPro competitor. A small handheld device that can take videos and photos. It has a website, that might  be showing the capability of this device. You can sign up at the site to get the latest update but so far, there is none (as expected). I hope the video being played at the site is not the quality of the product because in my opinion, it is not fantastic (unless the price point is right).

The next rumor is actually some product shots of a smartphone that has interesting concept. It has a 13 MPX camera with flash (according to rumors) as the front camera. It might be called HTC Desire Eye or The Eye, and it is touted to be the best Selfie camera till date.

Finally, this rumor (or information) is from HTC USA. They tweeted a photo of a HTC M8-like handset with the number 10.08. Of course, it means 10th October which is today. Not sure if it might be referring to a HTC One M8 like device or not.

Just a few minutes ago, HTC tweeted another video that says “..we’re focusing on the future..”

If you have noticed, they are using the word “Focus” on many of their announcement. So, expect something to do with the camera or at least photo/video wise.

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It is a long wait since the one and only 4 Megapixel UltraPixel camera from HTC. It is a love it or hate it affair. With only 4 MegaPixels, many rivals had progress to 13 MPX and beyond. It is about time for HTC to “focus” on megapixels too, as it really count when it comes to blowing up the picture, or just cropping part of it.

To hear the announcement (which is 4pm New York time or 4am Singapore time (on 11th October)), you can go to this site.

That is it. Hope that HTC has a good launch today 🙂