Straits Times Epaper reader is now mobile and tablet friendly

Straits Times has finally updated their E-Paper. With the update, online subscribers can now use their smartphones, computer, tablets to access the full printed version of Straits Times via web browser. Previously, it was using Adobe Flash which most smartphones and tablets have limited/no support.


I think this is an excellent move from Straits Times. It is about time to ditch the Adobe Flash for something friendly on mobile or tablet. BTW, if you think you can cheat the system by logging in on multiple devices, you are out of luck as it is locked to one login (need to log out on other device before you can log in).

There is just one thing that I don’t like about the site. It does not have a log out button. I have to go to the main Straits Times site to log out (PS: Let me know if you have located this “log out” button)


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