ORII, the Ring that Makes Call with Bone Induction (Video)

Have you tried Bone Induction headphones? I have and I love the idea. Basically, it transmits sound via vibration. So, if the source is near your ear, you will be able to hear it clearly. With ORII, it might be even more amazing. You can just touch your finger near your ear and start answering phone calls.


Talking with your finger might sound like a bad joke previously. Not anymore. With ORII smart ring, you will just need to wear it and answer calls with your finger. You might feel that you have seen other similar product that does the same job. It is true. Just Google around and you might see some wrist bands with such feature. What convinces me is that based on the technicality, the ring on the finger creates a much shorter distance for the vibration to travel. So, I believe the sound will still be good enough.

Check out this video.

One of my concerns about this project is the short battery life. If you talk a lot on the phone, this project might not be for you. If you hate to wear headphones and just need to have short conversations on the phone, this project might interest you. I cannot be the judge. Check it out yourself.

Click Here to Check Out ORII

Of course, as with any Kickstarter project, there are risks that it will be delayed or the product is not up to expectation. This is a risk I always take.