HP Everybody On Event

Thanks to HP, I was invited to their HP Everybody On! bloggers’ event on the 22nd March. It was held at Gallery at Grand Hyatt Singapore. Met many familiar faces there.

As you can see, we were very comfortable there. The event is hosted by Rozz.

In this event, we were supposed to collect 3 passport chops to get a chance to be in the lucky draw. The winner gets away with the latest HP DV4 laptop.

For the first part of the evening, we were given a nice overview ofย  HP achievements and the latest innovation on the laptops and All-in-One desktops by Serena. She also mentioned that HP is committed to bring WebOS to Singapore in 2011.

We then proceed with a more in-depth view of the features that will come to HP consumers’ notebooks like:

  • USB3.0
  • CoolSense Technology
  • HP ProtectSmart
  • HP SimplePass
  • GDDR5
  • DLNA Certification
  • Intel Widi
  • Power Audio Experiences – I like the Beats Audio ๐Ÿ™‚

BTW, she is not doing some dance move. Actually, she is explaining to us all the features found on the laptop with reference to our body.

We watched a video by JJ Lin. He is featured in the HP campaign and he talks about how technology can help him to create music and songs. And he uses HP computers!

The next part of the event, we were moved to the next room where Tatsumi awaits us. Tatsumi is actually an up and coming animation by Eric Khoo.

Unfortunately, Eric Khoo is not around to meet us. Instead, Phil Mitchell and colleague from IFW ( was there to fill us with how this film comes about.

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Tatsumi is actually a comic (or Manga) from Japan by Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Eric Khoo was so fascinated by the comics that he got some help from a friend to deliver a hand written request to Tatsumi to allow him to make an animated film on Tatsumi comics.

One things lead to another and the Tatsumi journey begins. Phil Mitchell is the creative director of IFW. The company took 12 months and 25 animators to make this animation film (BTW, this is considered very fast).

They talked about the challenges they faced and especially the initial part where Tatsumi is supposed to give the go ahead for this animation film.

Finally, after so much hard work, the film is finally ready. You will hear more about it in near future. We were the lucky ones that got to see part of the film. Most of the animation was approved personally by Tatsumi himself to ensure the authentic feel of the Manga.

For the start and the end production, IFW uses HP Z200 Workstation with HP DreamColor Monitor to carefully replicate the feel and color of the original comics.

It is always nice to hear stories of how technology can transform or help achieve something that seems impossible previously.

Next, we were introduced to HP latest TouchSmart 610 All-in-One PC.

It has the latest Touchsmart Suite 4.0 and a very nice feature that allows you to tilt the monitor forward (5 degrees) and back (around 60 degrees) and it comes with Beats Audio speakers.

But before the details,a few of the bloggers were selected to do some Yoga poses to simulate the versatility of the human body as compared to the TouchSmart 610.

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Choosing the perfect pose.

Justin is first to try.

Look how serious he is.

Next, Hillary performing her pose.

Finally, DK to perform this pose.

Is it the same?

I admit, the pose is not easy. So, he was given a chance to change pose. Nice try.

Finally, we had a break out session to gather our 3 passport chops to enter the contest. My first stop is the HP TouchSmart 610 which is also my favorite. Everyone is examining the tilt feature.

Behind the screen, there is a panel (partially hidden) where it holds more connection ports.

It runs on Windows 7 and comes with HP TouchSmart Suite 4.0. The audio is amazing.

Next, we proceeded to the next station, which is the HP Pavilion DV6. It has the amazing Beats Audio and quad speakers (which makes a lot of difference).

If you want, you can also use the Beats Audio headset (sold separately) as shown in the picture below.

Finally, we gathered at the last station which is the HP DV4. It cost below S$1.5K (according to HP people) and has a GDDR5 graphics memory which is good for graphics intensive usage.

It comes with Sandy Bridge processor (i5 or i7).

While waiting for the lucky draw, we went to take a look at the world’s first WiFi mouse.

It looks normal but it uses WiFi technology to hook up with the computer. You will need the software to perform the pairing.

The WiFi mouse has just arrived. I have no idea of the launch date. Next, there are other mouse and keyboard peripherals that uses one single receiver for communication.

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First, HP is giving out 3 Tatsumi canvas style picture frame (signed by Eric Khoo and Tatsumi-san) for people who can answers the questions. Here are our winners.

A closer look.

And the final lucky draw. Hisham was the lucky one.

He answered the three questions by Rozz correctly.

Finally, he can smile again.

That is it! The end of the event. Thanks to HP for the invite.

Visit HP Facebook page and take part in the contest to win prizes