How to use Nokia Lumia 1020 in a Studio (video)

Nowadays, our smartphone becomes part of our life. We take pictures throughout the day if we have the opportunity. Now, Nokia has pushed the bar further by using the Nokia Lumia 1020 as the main camera for a studio shoot.


Thanks to the Nokia Pro camera app, the person is able to set up the camera settings manually. Here is the video.

This is one of the sample shot taken with Nokia Lumia 1020.


Nice? Want to know how to do it? Nokia has briefly described the process in a blog post. Basically, when you have the Nokia Lumia 1020, you already have the basic tools. The rest of the tool or equipment are: –

  • External Camera Grip (for the tripod screw thread) accessory
  • External flash (or softbox)
  • Backdrop
  • Models

Nokia uses the pulse in the Nokia Lumia 1020 flash to activate (sync) the softbox when the shutter is pressed. That is it. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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