Don’t get caught green-handed by SmartWater

If you are thinking of stealing something, don’t go to London Borough of Brent. They are now testing out a new product, SmartWater, that could turn you green for weeks. Check out this picture.


The substances contained in SmartWater are odorless and invisible to the naked eye. They are almost impossible to wash out of clothes, and can stay on the skin for weeks, according to the report. Once you are stained with it, you just need an UV light source to see the “results”.

The Brent police are using this secret weapon. This poor guy is a “victim” of the secret weapon. The unfortunate car thief, Yafet Askale, was sprayed  with a fine mist of the SmartWater as soon as he intruded the car.

Even if he got away from it, the stuff stuck to the skin for weeks which allows the police a chance to get him. He was found guilty, thanks to SmartWater, even though he insisted he did not do it.

Currently, the police are handing out test kits for the local to mark their valuables. The results are surprisingly good. There is in fact a 40 percent reduction in street robbery and an 80 percent reduction in burglary.

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