3 Free Microsoft AI Products for Your Usage

If you have not jumped into the bandwagon of the world of AI, you are missing out. From ChatGPT to the recent ChatGPT-4, many AI products exist. Here are three of them that I have gained access to.

Here are the three:

  • Microsoft Bing Chat
  • Microsoft Designer
  • Microsoft Image Creator

Microsoft Bing Chat

For Microsoft Bing Chat, you need to get on the waitlist and wait. Once you are in, you should download the Microsoft Edge (Dev) browser for the best experience.

As you may or may not know, Bing Chat is powered by ChatGPT-4. However, it is very different from ChatGPT-4. Let me use the Bing Chat to show you the difference.

Check Out Microsoft Bing with Chat

Here is the answer in point format provided by Bing Chat.

Sure, here are the differences between Bing Chat and ChatGPT-4 in point form:

  • Bing Chat is powered by artificial intelligence software from OpenAI which is the maker of the popular chatbot ChatGPT.
  • Bing Chat uses the latest version of the language model, GPT-4.
  • Currently, free ChatGPT users are restricted to GPT-3.5, with the much-hyped GPT-4 only available to premium users.
  • The model underlying Bing Chat reportedly has a lower latency than ChatGPT, which also indicates that it is either GPT-4 or a different version of it.

Microsoft Designer

Next, the Microsoft Designer. It has a copilot dashboard that lets you describe your content. It also allows you to upload your pictures or let the AI generate them. You need to be on a waitlist to use it. Be patient.

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Check Out Microsoft Designer

Once you are done creating your masterpiece, you can choose a different format and save the file, which can be in JPG, GIF, or even MP4.

Microsoft Image Creator

There is no waitlist for this. You can sign in using your Microsoft account. Image Creator helps users generate AI images with DALL-E. Given a text prompt, the AI will generate a set of images matching that prompt.

Click Here to Check Out Microsoft Image Creator

For example, I gave a prompt to generate a picture with this description: A panda on top of the SuperTree at Gardens by the Bay. Here are the results.

I downloaded one for your reference.

I especially like chat programs like Bing Chat or ChatGPT. It is like a friend who can share so much information with you in whichever format you like. Which one is your favorite?