Get Ready for Your Free Bloobox

It is recycling time. As part of the government’s initiative, a free Bloobox per household will be allocated from 19th March to 30th April. What is Bloobox?

Bloobox is a simple box to store your recyclable items before putting them into recycling bins. It is foldable. Based on the Press Release, the Bloobox was designed by NEA in collaboration with a team of students from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

In the typical Singapore style, there are instructions on how to use the Bloobox.

Instructions on How to Use the Bloobox

How do I use the Bloobox?

Follow the steps below:

  • Identify a suitable location in your home to set up a recycling corner. A good spot would be next to the trash bin.
  • Open the recycling box as shown in the picture below and place it at the recycling corner.
  • Slot the partition in the box at the preferred position. The purpose of the partition is to segregate smaller e-waste items from other recyclables.
  • Place clean glass, paper, plastic, and metal recyclables together in the main compartment of the box. Please refer to the recycling bin label on the recycling box, or this guide for the list of common items that can and cannot be recycled. A recycling search engine has also been developed to help households identify recyclables. Place e-waste items in the smaller e-waste compartment.
  • When the recycling box is full, bring it to the nearest recycling bin or recycling chute and empty the contents of the main compartment in the blue bin/recycling chute. E-waste items such as light bulbs and batteries should be deposited into the nearest e-waste bin, not the blue recycling bin.
  • The recycling box is reusable. However, if the Bloobox is unable to be further used, households may fold the Bloobox and place it in the recycling bin or recycling chutes for recycling.
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If you still cannot figure out what can be recycled, don’t worry. Our government has set up a website to help you.

Now, the question is, where can you get your free Bloobox? Yes, there is a website just for that too. You can collect your Bloobox in one of the many many vending machines country-wide.

The Bloobox is foldable and can hold up to 5kg of paper, plastic, metal, or glass recyclables or e-waste. Many may not know that you need to clean up your recyclable items before throwing them into the recycle bins. With Bloobox, hopefully, more will make recycling a habit (I am trying too!).