How to Get Back ChatGPT Chat History

When you open your ChatGPT lately, you will be greeted with the information that the Chat History is temporarily unavailable. Here is how you can get it back.

Here is the information you will see when you use the ChatGPT now.

History is temporarily unavailable. We’re working to restore this feature as soon as possible.

So, how are you going to get back the content you might have been curating while chatting with it? It is quite a simple solution.

Go to your history on your browser. Search for “” If you have not cleared your history, you will probably see the links to your content because each chat has a unique URL. Click on them on thank me later.

I did ask Bing Chat why ChatGPT’s history is temporarily unavailable, and here is the result.

ChatGPT has been having issues recently. Many users have reported that their history is unavailable or not showing1. ChatGPT temporarily disabled the entire feature on Monday (March 20)1. The company has not provided any specific information about when the feature will be restored1. I hope this helps!

Of course, I am not satisfied with the answer. So, I searched for more information on a “normal” Bing search. According to CNET, it might be due to a bug that exposed people’s conversation history. There is information on when OpenAI will restore ChatGPT history. In the meanwhile, I hope that this method helps.