HUAWEI Launches Latest Smart Office Devices

In conjunction with MWC Barcelona, Huawei launches a slew of products as part of its Spring 2022 Smart Office launch. Except for one, the new products can really help productivity in the office or home office environment.

A few of them caught my attention, especially the newly launched products (not refreshed ones). The products being announced consist of laptops, tablets, an all-in-one computer, an e-Ink tablet, a laser printer, and a speaker co-engineered with DEVIALET.

These are the products: HUAWEI MateBook X Pro, HUAWEI MateBook E, HUAWEI MateStation X, HUAWEI MatePad Paper, HUAWEI MatePad, HUAWEI PixLab X1, and HUAWEI Sound Joy.

According to the announcement, these laptops and tablets can communicate using HUAWEI Super Device. This will help the sharing of information a breeze across these devices.

Based on all the products announced, the interesting ones are the e-Ink tablet (MatePad Paper), the all-in-one computer (MateStation X), and the laser printer (PixLab X1).

I do not have the details like pricing and availability in Singapore. Here are a simple one page information for all the products.

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

It looks slim and sleek. Definitely the flagship model amongst the laptops.


Very portable. I like the new accessory which is a keyboard with backlight that can slide out.

HUAWEI MateStation X

This really has the minimalist look. It looks sleek with all the component built inside it.

HUAWEI MatePad Paper

This is something new from Huawei. It is running on Harmony OS and is actually not so cheap. You can check out the video in the link (at the bottom of this post) to check out the price information.

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This is a refreshed model.


A very nice looking laser printer with ability to print, scan and copy.

HUAWEI Sound Joy

Co-engineered with DEVIALET, you know that the sound produced will be amazing.

You can check out the full launch event over here.

Click Here to Watch HUAWEI Spring 2022 Smart Office Launch