Singapore Resident to Get 2 Reusable Mask Each from 29 June

I feel that Singapore residents are blessed compared to others during the COVID-19 pandemic. From 29th June, each Singapore resident can get 2 free reusable MaskSafe DET30 masks from vending machines by Temasek Foundation.

Similar to the one provided by the Government, the DET30 Mask can be washed up to 30 times. However, this time, each kit consists of 2 reusable MaskSafe DET30™ masks.

Mask collection starts from 29th June 10am till 12th July 11:59pm at any of the 1,200 vending machines at more than 800 locations islandwide, comprising Community Centre/Clubs (CCs), Residents’ Committee (RC) Centres, and bus interchanges.

You can check the nearest collection points from this website.

Click Here to Locate the Mask Vending Machine Near You

Here is how you collect your mask kit.

  • Select your mask kit
  • Scan the barcode on your government-issued ID card or your redemption QR code. If you are unable to scan your ID card, key in your ID number, in full, manually
  • Collect your mask kit

If you want to have more of these masks, you can pre-order them at S$8 per kit (max 5 kits per person) from this website.

Good to know that the website also provides information on how to wash and maintain the quality of the mask.

You can check out the details HERE.

From Temasek Foundation: These masks are being distributed as part of StayMasked, a Stay Prepared initiative by Temasek Foundation. It provides reusable masks to our communities for added coverage, protection and assurance, as well as to encourage people to don masks when they head out for essential purposes.

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This is not the first time that Temasek Foundation has provide such services to the nation. Previously, they distributed hand sanitizer to every household.

Of course, some may link the actions by Temasek Foundation to political reasons since Singapore GE is round the corner. I am not going to speculate anything.

Stay Safe!