This is How You Vote at Singapore General Election During COVID-19 Pandemic

The date is set. 10th July is the polling day for the Singapore General Election (GE). Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, changes have to be made to ensure that voters are safe during their visits to the polling station.

I think this might be the first time in Singapore history that we have to wear gloves and mask to cast a vote. Of course, safety first. I don’t mind the extra precaution.

Unlike previous voting, you will be allocated 2 hours timeframe to cast your vote. You can check your queue number via this website.

Don’t bother to check now as the website will only function on polling day. On the actual day, you will have to wear your mask, bring along your NRIC, and keep a social distance among the voters. Check out this video by Straits Times.

Are you ready for GE 2020?

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