Free 500ml Hand Sanitizer for Every Household in Singapore

With the COVID-19 situation not getting any better, here is a piece of good news for Singapore households. Temasek Foundation is distributing 500ml of hand sanitizer (zero alcohol) for every household starting from 23rd March 2020.

Before you start to rant that zero alcohol is useless against the coronavirus, here is something you need to know.

The sanitiser is water-based, with BKC or Benzalkonium Chloride (0.054%), and Polymeric Biguanide Hydrochloride (0.004%) as its active ingredients. BKC at 0.05% is effective against germs including coronaviruses.

This sanitiser is biodegradable. It has no alcohol, is not flammable, not toxic, and not corrosive.

It is a safe disinfectant for your skin.

You will need two things to collect the free hand sanitizer – a pamphlet and a minimum 500ml bottle.

You will get the pamphlet in your mailbox soon. And you will need to prepare a 500ml bottle to store your hand sanitizer. Yes, BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle.

Some information that you might want to know.

From 23 to 29 March, you can collect your hand sanitiser from any Community Centre/Club and participating CapitaLand malls. Your pamphlet is colour coded for the day of collection, to avoid overcrowding. Priority will be given to those whose pamphlets match the day’s colour. For others holding different colour-coded pamphlets, you may have to wait a little longer to collect your sanitiser, and if there is a queue, you may be asked to come back another time to avoid crowding at the collection centres.

If you have missed your allocated collection from 23 to 29 March, you can still collect from 30 March to 5 April at any participating CapitaLand mall. The last day of collection is 5 April at any participating CapitaLand mall.

Some more information.

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Check Out The Official Website for Full Details