First Ever Japan Park Singapore (JPSG) Event

If you love everything Japanese, you will need to know this. Singapore first all-in-one event for Japan fans, the Japan Park Singapore (JPSG), will be held on the 4th and 5th August at Suntec Convention Centre bringing in an assembly of the best offerings from Japan’s 47 Prefectures curated into 6 Zones for convenient navigation – WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa, Discover Japan, Technology & Lifestyle, Omakase Stage, Kids Sports and CharaExpo Mini.

Check out the Press Release for more details. If you wish to know more about the 6 zones, scroll down to the Annex. I have highlights of one of the zones – Food!! Check out the gourmet exhibitors who will be gracing the event.

Press Release


A stepping stone into Japan’s lesser known cuisines and travel destinations

Singapore, 25 May 2018 – JAPAN PARK SINGAPORE (JPSG) is Singapore’s first all-in-one event for die-hard and casual fans of Japan, held on Saturday, 4 to Sunday, 5 August at Suntec Convention Centre, Halls 403 and 404. JPSG brings an assembly of the best offerings from Japan’s 47 Prefectures curated into 6 Zones for convenient navigation – WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa, Discover Japan, Technology & Lifestyle, Omakase Stage, Kids Sports and CharaExpo Mini.

With the event tagline “Play, Get and Taste a selection from 47 Prefectures”, JPSG promises a comprehensive itinerary for all ages. Attendees can expect event-exclusive menus, an exquisite selection of Japanese food and beverages, a curated line-up of currently trending and traditional performances and insightful booths presented by local prefecture representatives offering insider tips to add to your travel bucket list.

The Omakase Stage will be a time portal of traditional and popular acts featuring high-profile musicians and performers. Amongst the star-studded line-up is Nishikawa Ukon, the third generation director of the elite Nishikawa Company and a prominent figure of Classical Japanese Dance. He will make his first appearance in Singapore, accompanied by traditional Japanese female dancers for an alluring live performance. 

“Japan is at the forefront as one of Singapore’s top choices for vacation and culinary appreciation. Despite saturated interest, there is a lack of Japan-centric events in Singapore.

We want to fill the gap and provide a wholesome environment for this growing demographic and be especially attentive towards organising family-friendly activities for the young and the old.

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We are grateful that the Japanese restaurants, prefectural government offices and companies we connected with were encouraged by our event concept and promptly pledged their participation. We are working closely with our partners to grant our Attendees first dibs to menus that have yet been made available in Singapore,” said Haruhiko Miyano, Managing Director of Amuse Entertainment Singapore.

The Organisers, Amuse Entertainment Singapore, have tied in support from industry experts like Bushiroad, overseeing CharaExpo’s operations and content line-up. WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa will be curated and managed by the Organisers of Food Japan, OJ Partners and WAttention, purveyor to successful campaigns like Ramen Revolution and Tanjong Pagar Shotengai. Leverage will also be made on the expertise of SOZO, creators of Anime Festival Asia, to provide value and enhance consumer experience.

Online sales for early bird tickets will be available on 16 June via Door tickets are available on 4 and 5 August at Suntec Convention Centre, Halls 403 and 404. Children below 12 years old enter for free. For more information, visit

JAPAN PARK SINGAPORE’s Press Conference will be held on 6 June, Wednesday, 10.30am to 12.30pm at Ginza Lion, Suntec City. Look forward to the announcement of an exciting line-up of show floor content and guest list.

For media enquiries, contact Sean Long at or +65 6325 8136.


About the Show

JAPAN PARK SINGAPORE (JPSG) is Singapore’s first all-in-one event for die-hard & casual fans of Japan. The Show is an assembly of the best offerings from Japan’s 47 Prefectures curated into 6 Zones – Wa-Shiok Gourmet Festa, Discover Japan, Technology & Lifestyle, Omakase Stage, Kids Sports and CharaExpo Mini.

JAPAN PARK SINGAPORE is supported by Japan Creative Centre (JCC), JNTO Singapore Office and JETRO Singapore.

Find us on: Facebook, Instagram & Event Website

About the Organizer

Amuse Entertainment Singapore is Amuse Inc.’s global network of subsidiaries with a mission to bring and create world-class quality entertainment to the region. Amuse Inc. is one of the top talent management and entertainment companies in Japan. Amuse represents some of the biggest artists and actors in Japan, include ONE OK ROCK, Southern All Stars, Fukuyama Masaharu, Satoh Takeru, Miura Haruma, flumpool, Perfume, BABYMETAL, and more. Amuse also produces blockbuster Japanese films such as “Attack on Titan”, “Rurouni Kenshin”, and the award-winning “Like Father, Like Son”.

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WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa

WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa will host a smorgasbord of event-exclusive menus! With a holistic gourmet concept of enjoying flavours from 47 Prefectures, popular restaurants will whip up palates and complementary beverages representative of Japan’s Prefectures and also unique to JAPAN PARK

To finish off the ultimate culinary experience, will be a curated selection of souvenirs ready to be wrapped and taken home!

Discover Japan

The Discover Japan Zone is more than just agencies selling travel packages. It is THE opportunity to unload your wanderlust curiosities unto experienced professionals and get valuable insights to make your trip to Japan a memorable and fulfilling one!

Visit Japan’s public broadcaster NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s booth to learn more about Japan and hang out with their official mascot Domo-kun!

Lifestyle & Technology

Lifestyle & Technology strives to drive quality enhancement of people’s daily hustle and bustle while promoting efficiency and reducing inconvenience through technology.

Besides tech gadgets and gizmos, the Akita Inu Collectible, boasting intricate and high-quality craftsmanship will also be made available for the first time in Singapore.

Come through to the SAMURAI ROOM, a tatami room that will host live presentations of the Japanese Tea Ceremony while granting rare opportunities to interact with traditional Japanese
female entertainers.

CharaExpo mini Zone

This year, the highly anticipated CharaExpo will be held in the form of CharaExpo Mini within JAPAN PARK SINGAPORE.

CharaExpo Mini features Bushiroad’s most beloved contents such as “BanG Dream!”, “Cardfight!! Vanguard”, “Future Card Buddyfight” & “Love Live School idol festival”.

Fans of games and anime can look forward to meeting the voice actors and artists, while exploring the fun-filled mini game and card game corner!

Amateurs, fret not! We’ve got you covered with step-by-step guidance at the Trading Card Game Corner to see you through to the next level!

Kids Sports Zone

As the saying goes; our children’s well-being is the Nation’s top priority! At the Kids Sports Zone, in collaboration with Albirex Niigata FC (Singapore), a Football club in the Singapore Premier League, will be organising activities to determine the children’s agility, flexibility and sportsmanship as well as mini soccer games.

Omakase Stage

Omakase means, to be entrusted with the best. At the Omakase Stage, we hope to offer insights and spark an interest in Japanese traditional arts as well as the culture and discipline surrounding it.

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The programme line-up will be a well-thought curation by the Organisers to provide value and enhance consumer experience by bringing out the best of Japan’s traditional and current entertainment acts.

From centuries-old cultural acts to current popular culture, JPSG presents a cast of high-profile entertainment guests at the Omakase Stage!

Look forward to dynamic performances by Shamisen x Rock duo KUNI-KEN, celebration of prefecture festivities, calligraphy mural art by prominent ink-painting artist OKAZU, graceful and captivating dance choreography by traditional Japanese female entertainers, live band performance by popular voice actors and talk shows with Pro-Wrestlers.

Most importantly, you won’t want to miss exclusive footage introducing the wonders of all 47 Prefectures of Japan!

Also, be sure your mobile’s on 100% for photo opportunities with character mascots!

Here are some highlights from one of the zone. I think this is what Singaporeans will look forward to.



Voted as one of the top 50 Japanese chefs by European Monde Selection in 2016, the chef, with his main outlet in Kanagawa Prefecture, has spent years formulating the most delicious Hamburg steak using Hokkaido’s Kuroge Wagyu.

Bistro Ryu (Hakata)

Black curry is unique and gaining popularity in Japan. Based in Hakata City, Bistro Ryu’s own concoction is created by simmering pork & chicken broth overnight which brings out the richness of Japanese curry.

Shibaura Genghis Khan

Shibaura Genghis Khan has become a gourmet name in Hokkaido. Once known as the staple food for the warriors of the Mongol Empire, generous portions of lean lamb shanks are mixed with outer fat to maximise the richness of this delicacy. Served with a light home-made sauce and rice, this dish will delight even the most health-conscious of patrons.