WhatsApp Status is Carbon Copy of Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Call it copycat or not, WhatsApp, in its recent update, introduces WhatsApp Status. Like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, you can update your status (picture or video), and it will disappear after 24 hours.


What it means is that when you send a video or picture via the WhatsApp Status feature, it will appear on your contacts’ WhatsApp Update tab. Like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, you can write something or paste a sticker on your content.

At the moment, I am still wondering what the reason(s) was for WhatsApp to introduce this feature. Of course, you can say that it is a trendy thing to follow. From what I see, many people are using WhatsApp to communicate with friends or with business partners. Imagine your cat videos or ranting are shared with your customers, friends, etc. How would they judge you?

For Instagram Stories or Snapchat, I think it is perfectly alright to share such things. On WhatsApp, I feel that it is a little bit of “following the trend for the sake of following the trend” without a purpose. Of course, WhatsApp might have thought about it and allows you to filter who can or cannot see your content.

For me, I will stick to Instagram Stories or Snapchat for such update.

To use WhatsApp Status, please remember to update your app to the latest version.


A few things that might be different from Snapchat or Instagram Stories: –

  • There is no download button for your content
  • You can write long stories with WhatsApp Status

Click HERE to read more about WhatsApp Status

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