This is Samsung Galaxy S8?

Is this the image of Samsung Galaxy S8 that most Samsung fans are waiting? Evan Blass has done it again. Like magic, he is always able to produce product images before the launch, and most of the time, it is accurate.


Samsung recently revealed at MWC that they are going to make an announcement on the 29th March 2017 at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. Most of us know that it should be the Samsung Galaxy S8 (or even Galaxy S8+).

Two days ago, they shared a video with the title “This is a phone.” Here is the video.

In some parts of the video, you can see the silhouette of the phone. It resembles the leaked picture from Evan Blass. If you look closely at the leaked picture, you might have noticed a few more sensors (I think) on the top. Not sure what they are but it should be interesting.

Looking forward to the event. Hopefully, we can see a bigger base capacity for the phone and of course, a safe battery within.