Nokia announces 105, 301, Lumia 520 and Lumia 720

Today, Nokia announces 4 handsets that is not targeted for the premium range. The Nokia 105 is just 15 Euros when launched. This candy bar phone is for the emerging market. There are others like the Nokia 310 with Dual SIM cards and the Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 720.


Nokia 105


Nokia 301

This phone has dual SIM card.


Nokia Lumia 520


Nokia Lumia 720

BTW, this Nokia Lumia 720 has no LTE.


Both Nokia 520 and Nokia 720 has the same technology as Nokia Lumia 920. You can use gloves on the screen without issue.


One of the innovations on Lumia 720 is the camera lens. It is just 6.7 megapixel (1/3.6″ sensor size) but it has a F1.9 aperture (very bright) and the front facing camera is wide angle (similar to HTC Windows Phone 8X)


The Nokia Lumia 720 has detachable cover that can be exchanged for Wireless charging type.


And today, Nokia also announces the Wireless Charging Car Holder.


As you may know, maps on the new Lumias will be sporting HERE brand instead of the usual NOKIA. Here are the pricing.

Nokia Lumia 720: 249 Euros

Nokia Lumia 520: 139 Euros

Nokia 301: 65 Euros

Nokia 105: 15 Euros

Nokia Lumia 720 will be coming to Singapore, according to the information during the event. You can check out the specs of these handsets from Nokia website.

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