Samsung Unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note7 (video)

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Samsung today announced Samsung Galaxy Note7 in an event in New York and live streamed worldwide. Unsurprisingly, the smartphone is called Note7 (Skipping the 6) and comes with iris scan feature, a first for Samsung.


Here are the highlights from the event.

Curve Edge

Although the screen of the Note7 is curve, it is different from previous models like the Galaxy S7 edge. It has a steeper curve to accommodate better writing experiences using the S Pen.


Iris Scan

This is something totally new from Samsung. Based on Samsung, they took 5 years to perfect the Iris Scanning, adding to the existing security on the phone. I have to check it out myself.



This is actually one feature I look forward to on the Note7. It is IP68 certified (for the phone and the S-Pen).



Samsung has improved many features, software-wise, on the S-Pen. For example, the S-Pen is able to translate words when selected. In terms of hardware, as mentioned, it is waterproof so that you can even use it in the rain.

Another hardware enhancement is reducing the tip of the S-Pen to, in my opinion, a standard pen tip size (from 1.6mm to 0.7mm). I believe this will greatly enhance the writing experience on the Note7.


Samsung Cloud

Many people have been complaining that it is difficult to shift their data from an Android device to another, unlike the iPhone, Samsung has created an app just to do that (for Samsung to Samsung phone only). It is actually nothing new. However, in this event, they unveiled the Samsung Cloud. It is a service where you can store your information and retrieve them easily on another phone. Note7 owners will get 15GB free.

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Type-C Connector

Samsung is finally using Type-C connector on the Samsung Galaxy Note7. With Type-C, you can connect the cable to your phone easily as the connector is reversible. In near future, it will be the standard connector for all phones. Samsung may understand that many people are still using Micro-USB cables. Therefore. in the standard retail package for Galaxy Note7, they will be providing Micro-USB to Type-C adapter so that you can continue to use your favorite Micro-USB cable.



Samsung Note7 Release Date

Samsung announced that Samsung Note7 will be available from 19th August and pre-orders in some countries will “start in a few days”.



The base model is 64GB internal storage with expendable memory up to 256GB. It will come in four colors – Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, Gold Platinum and Blue Coral.


There are some other features which I did not discuss here since that are the same as the S7 edge (Camera, Fast Wireless Charging and etc). I think this video will tell you a lot about the new Samsung Note7. Check it out.

Finally, in their last segment, they did a brief announcement on new Gear VR headset. It looks a lot better in Black and based on the information, it has bigger lenses.


There is no mention of pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Note7. I am still waiting for the official information from Samsung. In the meanwhile, if you have 1 hour to spare, click this LINK to watch the Samsung Unpacked 2016 event or click the below link to the Samsung Galaxy Note7 official website.

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