Heineken powers sunrise with over 431,000 dance steps (video)

If you were at ZoukOut last December, you might have noticed the Heineken Sunrise at the Siloso Beach. Based on geographical location of the beach, you will not be able to see the real sunrise. Thus, Heineken installed an artificial sun that will rise according to the dance steps captured, and at the same time, Heineken is helping to promote moderate drinking during the event.

Heineken Sunrise

To encourage festival goers to ‘Drink Less, Dance More’, Heineken created the first man-made Sunrise during this ZoukOut. Heineken installed a 6-metre by 3-metre dance-reactive floor right on the beach to capture the dance activity levels of the party goers and gave out bottles of water to help them pace their drinking.

Heineken Dance Floor

Here is a schematic of how the system captures the dance steps.

Sunrise Schematic

A total of 9,000 pairs of sunglasses were given out to allow them to enjoy the “sunrise”. Watch the video.

Here are the statistics over that two nights.

  • Crowd: 41,000 party goers
  • Dance steps captured: 431,911
  • Width of Sun: 10 metres
  • Height of Sun: Approximately 7 stories high (17.5 metres)