How to Watch Live-Stream of Rio 2016 Olympics Officially

You may have heard from Straits Times that Mediacorp will not be streaming the Rio 2016 Olympics “live”. In their headline on the 22nd July, it says “Olympics: Singapore will not get to see live sporting action from Rio Games”.  However, this is only partially true. As there are so many media platforms now, it doesn’t necessary mean that Mediacorp is the only choice or media that can watch the games.


Thanks to social media sharing, got to know that the Rio Olympics will be streaming “live” on YouTube. Not sure if it is going to be all the games but based on the source, it mentions that Olympics Channel on YouTube will live-stream from 9am to 11pm London Time. However, not all countries will be able to watch. 64 countries (including Singapore) are in the list. Here is the copied information.

List of the 64 territories Who can Watch the Rio Olympic Games live streaming on YouTube

Asian Nations:-

  1. Afghanistan,
  2. Bangladesh,
  3. Brunei,
  4. Bhutan,
  5. Cambodia,
  6. East Timor,
  7. India,
  8. Indonesia,
  9. Iran,
  10. Laos,
  11. Malaysia,
  12. Maldives,
  13. Mauritius,
  14. Mongolia,
  15. Myanmar,
  16. Nepal,
  17. Pakistan,
  18. Papua New Guinea,
  19. Singapore,
  20. Sri Lanka,
  21. Thailand
  22. Vietnam.

African Nations:  

  1. Angola,
  2. Benin,
  3. Botswana,
  4. Burkina Faso,
  5. Burundi,
  6. Cameroon,
  7. Cape Verde,
  8. Central African Republic,
  9. Chad,
  10. Comoros,
  11. Democratic Republic of Congo,
  12. Republic of Congo,
  13. Côte d’Ivoire,
  14. Equatorial Guinea,
  15. Eritrea,
  16. Ethiopia,
  17. Gabon,
  18. Gambia,
  19. Ghana,
  20. Guinea,
  21. Guinea-Bissau,
  22. Kenya,
  23. Lesotho,
  24. Liberia,
  25. Madagascar,
  26. Malawi,
  27. Mali,
  28. Mozambique,
  29. Namibia,
  30. Niger,
  31. Nigeria,
  32. Rwanda,
  33. São Tomé and Príncipe,
  34. Senegal,
  35. Seychelles,
  36. Sierra Leone,
  37. Swaziland,
  38. Tanzania,
  39. Togo,
  40. Uganda,
  41. Zambia
  42. Zimbabwe.

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So, sometimes, it is not difficult to imagine why people do not believe in mainstream media. They are actually reporting the truth but the headline and content is distorted as it is based on just one source of media. Given the technology now, they should have research more before providing that dramatic headline.

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