Circles.Life launches Unlimited Bonus Data and New Options

Just barely 2 months after Circles.Life becomes our 4th Telco (Virtual Telco riding on M1 Network), it releases yet another round of “attack” to our current local Telcos. In anyways, it can only benefit the consumers.

Circles.Life New Plan

What’s New

Circles.Life has, from the start, branded itself as a Telco listening to consumers. True enough, here are the things that they have enhanced.

  • Unlimited bonus data for referral
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Pay-as-you-go data roaming service
  • Access Circles.Life and build your plan immediately.

Unlimited bonus data for referral


Earn as much bonus data as possible by referring friends to be part of Circles.Life. This is done by applying the unique code (found on the CirclesCare mobile app) that you will get as a Circles Life customer.

For example, if you key in this code OHXCS (my referral), you can enjoy S$20 off your registration.

loyalty graphic

In additional, there is also loyalty bonus and port-in bonus. Check out the Press Release for more information.

Unlimited incoming calls

New Options

This is one thing that is missing when Circles.Life was first launched. Now, you can add this in the PLUS feature at S$2 per month. If you have lots of incoming call, this is a must option.

Pay-as-you-go roaming service

Now, you can enjoy an offered promotional roaming rate of S$10/100 MB for ten countries if you stay within their preferred network provider’s coverage as described in the list below.

  • Malaysia (Celcom)
  • Indonesia (XL)
  • Hong Kong (SmarTone)
  • Macau (SmarTone Macau)
  • Taiwan (Chunghwa)
  • Australia (Telstra)
  • US (T-Mobile)
  • UK (Vodafone)
  • Spain (Vodafone)
  • New Zealand (Vodafone)

In my opinion, this is not interesting. Although the price might seem attractive, I think that 100MB can be easily hit and based on other Telcos’ data roaming plans, this plan is not that interesting, especially for people on business trips. The only good things are that there is no roaming subscription and no penalty if you exceed certain data amount.

Access Circles.Life and build your plan immediately

In the beginning, even if you want to register Circles.Life, you will have to wait for their manual approvals. Now, you can register an account and build your plan immediately.

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Overall, I still think that Circles.Life is more catered to the younger generation and first timer. Hope that they can continue to progress to make it more interesting to sway users from using Circles.Life as a secondary line to be used as the main line. Read the Press Release for more information.

Press Release

Circles.Life launches Singapore’s first ever Unlimited Bonus Data offer as it opens its online shop to all

Singapore, 28 June, 2016 – New digital telco, Circles.Life, has opened its online shop for the general public to purchase and build its innovative data-centric plans. For the current and potential customers in its data savvy target segment, it has also launched the region’s first Unlimited Bonus Data offer.

From today, anyone can access Circles.Life’s new website to subscribe to its mobile services without waiting for their registration to be approved. Due to the high demand of and interest since its launch, Circles.Life has been approving accounts on a daily, first-register, first-approved basis. But interested subscribers can now purchase their service on the spot and have their SIM cards delivered within a matter of days.

Unlimited Bonus Data: Never Stop Winning

Living up to its promise of rewarding and surprising customers, Circles.Life is introducing a one-of-its-kind family and friends referral system that allows customers to earn and keep an unlimited amount of data each month.

Circles.Life customers will earn an additional 200 MB of Bonus Data every month for every loved one, family member or friend they refer using their own personal code (found in the CirclesCare mobile app). There is no cap to how much data you can earn and lasts for as long as both subscribers stay on our network.

Furthermore, Circles.Life subscribers who win Bonus Data through referrals will be listed on the CirclesCare Leaderboard. These subscribers stand a chance to be recognised and win even more rewards when they top the leaderboard. Circles.Life will be releasing more details soon.

In addition to referrals, there other ways to earn Unlimited Bonus Data:

  • Loyalty Bonus Data
    • To celebrate Circles.Life’s first customers, each subscriber can earn up to 2GB data each month by remaining on its network for two years. Every 6 months, an additional 500MB per month will be added to subscriber’s monthly Circles.Life plan.
  • Port-in Bonus Data
    • Circles.Life has revised its early bird promotion for number porting for those who choose to port-in their existing numbers. Each port-in customer will receive an extra 1GB of Bonus Data every month.
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There are no limits to the amount of Bonus Data customers can earn. All Circles.Life subscribers will be eligible for this Unlimited Bonus Data.

Circles.Life co-founder and director Rameez Ansar said, “Our latest offering is in line with our promise to give power back to the customers. In particular, Unlimited Bonus Data puts the focus back to what consumers want more: Data.”

“You keep what you win. If you win 10GB of Bonus Data through referring friends, that 10GB not only refreshes each month but also continues to grow. This innovative offering and the way of rewarding customers is really a first for the region, not just Singapore.”

One simple plan with more data

Customers who sign up for the $28 base plan will now get 4GB of data which includes 1GB of App Activation Bonus Data when they install the CirclesCare app. Other features included in this plan are 100 Talktime minutes, Unlimited WhatsApp and free Caller ID. Unlimited WhatsApp and free Caller ID will always remain free.

Building a service around customers

Circle.Life will continue to develop its offerings around the needs of its target market. Innovative customer service channels such as Live Chat, WhatsApp and social media, Circles.Life allows it to understand its customers’ needs well. Based on the feedback, Circles.Life is introducing two new features today.

  • Introducing a new PLUS: Unlimited Incoming Calls
    • Circles.Life will be launching their latest PLUS feature – Unlimited Incoming calls for $2 a month. This is in addition to the 100 Talktime minutes included in the base plan and can be added anytime through the CirclesCare app.
    • The Unlimited Incoming Calls PLUS will be available to all Circles.Life customers. This is in addition to Unlimited WhatsApp that is already included in the base plan.
  • Introducing the ‘Data Roamer’
    • We also heard from jet-setting customers who want to travel with ease and peace of mind, Circles.Life is introducing the first true pay-as-you-go data roaming service. Circles.Life customers will enjoy Data Roamer rates of up to $10 for 100MB and will only be billed for the amount of data they consume.
    • For example, if a Circles.Life Data Roamer consumes only 50MB, they will be charged $5 instead of the full $10. This is unique to Circles.Life and first in the market.
    • Data Roamer rates will be available to all subscribers of Circles.Life as a default as part of the Roaming Plus can comes free each month. In true spirit of our values, the Data Roamer rates will be available at no subscription charge, no excess charges nor any premium.
    • Data Roamer rates will be effective from 1 July 2016 and will cover top 10 roaming destinations.
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With the launch of the changes announced today, Circles.Life will also be revising the early bird promotion. For more details, please visit


About Circles.Life

Singapore-based Circles.Life is the consumer brand of Liberty Wireless, a mobile virtual network operator. It is founded by three seasoned executives and entrepreneurs namely Rameez Ansar, Abhishek Gupta and Adeel Najam who had previously worked for Temasek Holdings, McKinsey, StarHub and other companies. Circles Asia is the regional brand and aims to bring a Singapore developed telco model to the rest of the region.