LuMee Selfie Case for iPhone Approved by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has spoken out on her selfie secret. It has to be the LuMee Selfie Case that has lighting around it. No one can dispute that she is like queen of selfies. She even published a Selfie book called “Selfish”.


If think about taking a good selfie, you may immediately think about the lighting condition and etc. LuMee Selfie Case is here is solve that lighting issue. Most selfies were taken using the front facing camera. Most come without flash and most has lower specs than the rear camera in terms. This LuMee case has its own lighting to light up your face (BTW, a flash on the face might not be a good idea since it might be too direct and the background details are lost).

Check out her Tweet.

The cases have a simple push button mechanism which allows for really nice selfies in low light conditions. It is now selling at MobileFun at around USD61. If you are residing in Singapore, you may want to check it out with this link provided. It is sold at around S$88.

Click Here to Check Out LuMee Case at MobileFun Singapore

It is only for the latest iPhones and unfortunately, it does not support other brands of phone. I think this casing will be good as a light source for video conference or even to find something in dark places.