One Click To Keep Your Free OneDrive Storage

In October 2014, Microsoft made a huge announcement to increase their OneDrive Storage from 1 TB to Unlimited for Office 365 users. However, in November 2015, barely a year after the initial announcement, Microsoft decided to stop this unlimited OneDrive storage promotion and reverted it back to 1 TB, and at the same time, reduced the camera roll bonus from 15GB to 5GB.


The change is to be implemented in early 2016. The news, of course, did not go well with the users and fans of OneDrive. Microsoft’s reason for changing the storage limit is that “a small number of users” abused the system and uploaded up to 75 TB of data to the server. Yes, a small number of users and the rest of us (I am an Office365 subscriber too) will have to “suffer”. Not sure whether this is the only reason or not but it has been done.

Today, just a few hours ago, I saw this tweet from OneDrive, saying that it is going full steam ahead. Checking on its link, it shows the page for Office365 with 1 TB of storage. Nothing out of the extraordinary. However, scrolling through OneDrive’s past tweets, one particular tweet from December 2015 put a silver lining on the whole saga.

Following the link, it comes to a webpage that says:

Thank you for using Microsoft OneDrive.

You’re an important part of what we do, and we want to make sure you know that. That’s why we’re making it possible for you to keep your base storage quota and camera roll bonus, even after the changes roll out.

Click below and your account will not be affected when the amount of free storage changes from 15 GB to 5 GB and the +15 GB camera roll bonus is discontinued.*

Yes, users who are heavily using the auto upload feature to the SkyDrive Camera Roll will be happy to hear that they will be able to keep the 15GB of free storage. To do so, they will need to click on the link on that page before end of January 2016. If you have not done so, please do it quickly.

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Click Here to Keep Your Free Storage

Not sure why this information was not communicated from Microsoft to customers/users via email. From my understanding, it was delivered via this tweet and on their user forum page.

Some people have signed up Office365 to get the initial unlimited storage offer. Now that it is changed to 1 TB, these users can just turn to other cloud storage services for the same storage space.

Dropbox and Google Drive are offering USD10 per month for 1TB of storage and OneDrive (with Office365 subscription) is USD10.80 per month for the same 1 TB. Of course, if you need Office apps, OneDrive is the perfect choice. If you just need storage space, you can actually opt for the Dropbox for Business at USD15 per user per month for unlimited storage.

With the change of heart from Microsoft, and removing Placeholder feature in Windows 10, OneDrive is no longer an unique choice for cloud storage. With Google providing free online apps that are similar to Microsoft Office, it is even in a greater risk of losing their users.

What is your say? Would love to hear them.