INOKIM Quick 2 (2015) e-Scooter Launch Event

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Thanks to INOKIM and Falcon PEV, I was invited to their latest product, INOKIM Quick 2, launch event at Wheeler’s Yard. Gracing the event is Nimrod Riccardo Sapir, the brainchild behind the range of INOKIM products.


I love the ambiance at Wheeler’s Yard. BTW, it is a cafe to chill out and also a place where you can maintain your bicycles and buy the many accessories that are available there.


If you have noticed, the INOKIM Quick 2 comes in many colors. I love this orange one.


Here is  Nimrod. I heard that there is some flight delays and he reached Singapore just in time for the event with 3 hours of sleep.


Nimrod talking about Quick 2 and introducing his wife with the happy and blessed look.


He is the CEO of INOKIM. Sorry I forgotten his name.


His passion on his invention is evident on his face when he talked about it.


An introduction of Falcon PEV and their relationship with INOKIM. FYI, Falcon PEV is the first to bring in INOKIM products (previously known as MyWay) and the official distributor of INOKIM products.


After the presentation, the fun begins. It is riding time. Thanks to Darryl for this shot.


New features on INOKIM Quick 2

This is not the first time that I encounter an INOKIM product (or previously known as MyWay). If you remembered, I visited Falcon PEV last year. I was generally pleased with the quality and built of the then MyWay at that time.

And INOKIM continues to innovate and enhance their products. Here are some quick view of the differences/enhancements of the INOKIM Quick 2.

Carry Handle

The most obvious one is the Carry Handle. It might not mean much to most people. For those who owned a big wheel e-scooter, you will be glad to have this handle to carry it for a short distance.

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The INOKIM Quick 2 is 14.5kg. It is not light but with the carry bar, it feels much easier to carry. Here is Darryl helping me to demonstrate the Carry Handle.



LCD Throttle

If you have ridden the INOKIM Quick 2014 before, you might have a shock if you innocently push the lever down quickly. It has very high torque and some might complain that it is jerky (if you are new). However, this is actually a plus point for INOKIM product as it has the capability to climb steeper slopes (with the high torque) as compared to competitors.

Now, for the new INOKIM Quick 2, they have enhanced it. It now has a LCD screen and 3 different speed levels: slow (9km/hr top speed), Moderate (18km/hr top speed), Fast (27km/hr top speed). You can now adjust the Quick 2 to your preferences. The LCD screen shows the speed and distance traveled.

If you notice, the lever is now connected to a ring on the handle bar. The ring acts as a throttle. For those who do not like to press the lever can now turn the ring for the same effect.


Folding Tbar

The handle bar is now foldable with a few quick release buttons.



Brake with power cut off feature

If you ride on other brands of e-scooters, you might notice that some escooters need a gentle push to engage the motor. Many consider that as a safety feature. INOKIM products do not have such feature.

Instead, on the INOKIM Quick 2, it has something similar but is not widely known. On the rear brake (left side of the handle bar), you might notice an electrical cable. It is actually a cut off signal for the motor.

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If the rear brake is depressed, it will cut off the power to the motor and hence, the throttle/speed lever will not activate the motor. I guess this is another kind of safety not found on other escooters.


There are other enhancements which many might not have noticed. There is one of them that I would like to mention. The INOKIM Quick 2 can has extended battery. The original is a 9AH battery that can have an approximate distance of 25km. With the 18Ah battery, you can travel twice that distance. Please check with Falcon PEV for more details.

Thankfully, INOKIM maintains some of the best features like the self locking/quick release button.


Here is the INOKIM Quick 2 folded.


Or the removable cover for maintenance purposes.


And also the rear disc brake with the 10-inch wheels


Not forgetting the kickstand. Super convenient.



Some accessories that you can purchase to carry the INOKIM QUICK 2.

This is the simplest one. Just a few straps and your INOKIM QUICK 2 is ready to be carried.


If you don’t want too many people to stare at your ride, here is the carrier bag.


The INOKIM Quick 2 is available now at S$2,000. From my understanding, the first batch has already been sold out. Falcon PEV is now taking pre-orders. Do visit their website for more details.

Click Here to Check Out INOKIM Quick 2 at Falcon PEV


Saw some souped-up PEVs that add personality to the ride.


I tried on one modified version with dual motor. Super awesome with such high speed and cruise control but I discourage others to try it if you have no experience on e-scooter.

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Thanks to Wheeler’s Yard for the wonderful food. Actually, the ambiance plays big part too.





On a final note, here is a screen shot of a slide that was not mentioned but is important, in my opinion, and also a wish list for many e-Scooter groups in Singapore.


We hope that our Government can really take a serious look at these PEVs (Personal Electric Vehicle) or PMDs (Personal Mobility Device). I believe we can share the space with pedestrians if we can ride responsibly with regulations.

I think I have ranted enough on this subject. It is up to the authorities whether to continue to play the “cat and mouse” game with the riders, or to embrace the fact that PEVs are here to stay and quickly put up regulations so that everyone can follow.

With regulations, if someone is reckless, the authority can stop them officially. We know there are black sheep amongst the users. These people are NOT welcomed to share the pavement. Most of us are just utilizing the cheapest and greenest means to complete the last mile.

If you agree with what I mentioned, please share this post with everyone.