Rewind YouTube Style 2012 with PSY(Video)

If you think you have had enough of PSY’s Gangnam Style, here is another one to add to your list. And this video is actually from YouTube, starring top YouTubers of 2012. I am sure you can recognize some of them. BTW, the whole music video revolves around Gangnam Style with PSY.

And if you notice, the icon on YouTube page becomes blue with a dancing Gangnam Style PSY. Click on it to the YouTube Rewind 2012 page where you can see the top 10 videos of 2012.

Here is the video of Rewind YouTube Style 2012

Click Here to Watch the Top Videos

And if you want to know the top videos for each month, watch the interactive video that will move from month to month. You can hover the mouse over to any of the video to see part of it. Click on any video to open the video on another tab.

 Click Here to Watch the Interactive Video


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