What are the most influential tweets for 2014 #YearOnTwitter in Singapore

Check out who are the most influential Twitterers on Twitter and what are the most influential Tweets in Singapore. Our PM Lee Hsien Loong has also some special mentions in this report. Scroll down to read.

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The 2014 #YearOnTwitter in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 10 December 2014 – This year, people in Singapore and across the world came together in moments of celebration, protest, mourning and joy. Many millions of you contributed to the moments and conversations that all unfolded on Twitter.

People send more than 500 million Tweets per day. Each one contributes something special to Twitter, but only one is recognized as the “Golden Tweet,” a.k.a. the most-Retweeted Tweet of the year. This year, the global honour goes to @TheEllenShow’s star-filled photo from the March Oscars telecast.


#YearOnTwitter in Singapore

Singaporeans love sharing on Twitter the intricacies of their everyday life including what’s unique about being Singaporean, multi-cultural environment, kids’ education and nostalgic throwbacks. And of course, you can’t forget the National Day Parade as a key part of Singaporeans’ lives every year – especially if Lee Kuan Yew makes an appearance.

Contrary to popular opinion, Singaporeans do have a sense of fun with their tongue-in-cheek humour on full display on Twitter, tweeting and retweeting humorous observations on life in Singapore.

The Golden Tweet for Singapore in 2014 was a feel-good Tweet by @MuhdHaidee, an everyday guy’s message about how everyone needs a hug when they’re sad, striking a chord with other Singaporean Twitter users with over 18,000 retweets spreading the message of support on Twitter.


Here are some more details of the #YearOnTwitter in Singapore:

Top 10 Peaks in Twitter Conversation among Singaporeans

As the world’s largest platform for live, public conversations, Twitter was where Singaporeans turned to consume and discuss about global events in real-time. When a disaster strikes or when a coup breaks or even during the world’s largest sporting event, Singaporeans were quick on their feet to discuss key updates on Twitter in 2014.

Global events: The Thai military government sent thousands of troops and police into central Bangkok to break up protests on June 1st making it the most talked about moment of the year in Singapore, followed by the MH370 updates on March 16th when the Malaysian government announced it was looking into the pilot and co-pilot and that a total of 26 countries would join the search.

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Sports: Singaporeans get really excited when there’s a football match going on, it might just beat out dining and shopping as Singaporeans’ favorite pastime. Whether it’s the English Premier League or the World Cup this year, nothing gets Singaporeans talking more than The Beautiful Game. Of the top 10 peaks, five were football matches, primarily World Cup matches as Singapore joined the world on Twitter to hear the roar of the crowd throughout the month-long tournament.

Top 20 Most Retweeted Tweets from Singaporean Twitter accounts

Contrary to popular opinion, Singaporeans do have a sense of fun with their tongue-in-cheek humour on full display on Twitter, tweeting and retweeting humorous observations on life in Singapore.

  1. Golden Tweet of 2014:https://twitter.com/MuhdHaidee/status/535366994313240576 (18,247 RTs)
  2. @SG_Teens humourous photo of fast-food eating at McDonalds:  http://twitter.com/SG_Teens/status/485687316116017152(6,898 RTs)
  3. @cheatcodeA comments about a girl on the MRT with a sign on her:https://twitter.com/cheatcodeA/status/526958726003957760 (6,637 RTs)
  4. @TheHongster takes a photo of being multicultural in Singapore: http://twitter.com/TheHongster/status/494054823688282113 (6,290 RTs)
  5. @mazusss deperately looking for a charging point: https://twitter.com/mazusss/status/500151932598513664 (5,757 RTs)
  6. @YahooSG’s report on MH370 crash: http://twitter.com/YahooSG/status/442158011742580736 (5,690 RTs)
  1. @TheDeeKosh’s concern for the dolphins living conditions:  http://twitter.com/TheDeeKosh/status/526974549628182528 (5,637 RTs)
  2. @FloorSprint’s paradise at having space in the crowded city: http://twitter.com/FloorSprint/status/500238167237095424 (5,300 RTs)
  3. @GinaBoom’s ironic comment on waiting time and queues in Singapore:        http://twitter.com/GinaBoom/status/526318869330153473 (4,579 RTs)
  4. @Soshilon missing his dad tucking him into bed: https://twitter.com/SoshiIon/status/478136394452180993 (4,100 RTs)
  5. @STSportsDesk’s coverage of #BRAGER World Cup match: http://twitter.com/STsportsdesk/status/486620465855602688 (3,508 RTs)
  6. @_kkittykat wants to sleep at school: https://twitter.com/_kkittykat/status/486493461109944320 (3,448 RTs)
  7. @KhalidTed showed concern for elderly people: https://twitter.com/KhalidTed/status/514478309116096512 (3,371 RTs)
  8. @SG_Teens agrees that schoolkids are overstretched and not robots:https://twitter.com/SG_Teens/status/450963636895236097 (3,325 RTs)
  9. @Sezairi loves the multi-culturalism of Singapore: http://twitter.com/sezairi/status/513954149348564993 (3,084 RTs)
  10. @m4nnnny makes a Singlish joke about a cat and fashion brand: https://twitter.com/m4nnnny/status/442352186308055040 (3,045 RTs)
  11. @ShafAdY celebrates when Malay and Chinese get married: https://twitter.com/ShafAdY/status/528791802883473409 (2,978 RTs)
  12. @SG_Teens highlights a teacher that believes in listening to kids: https://twitter.com/SG_Teens/status/434980661233848320 (2,961 RTs)
  13. @sassybitxh_ recalls old amusement parks: https://twitter.com/sassybitxh_/status/493287042273386497 (2,872 RTs)
  14. @ViraSuriazz honors Lee Kuan Yew attending this year’s National Day Parade: https://twitter.com/ViraSuriazz/status/498057011234209793 (2,831 RTs)

Top 10 fastest-rising Twitter hashtag trends in Singapore

Entertainment: Twitter is the second screen for fans in Singapore. Significant award ceremonies in the global music industry, namely Kids’ Choice Awards (#KCA), People’s Choice Awards (#PeoplesChoice), and MTV Hottest (#MTVHottest) locked in the fastest-rising Twitter hashtag trends during the live events. 5 Seconds of Summer also gained popularity this year with a huge local fanbase who showcased their undying loyalty by garnering support for award show votes (#vote5sos).

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Sports: Singaporeans love football, and they love to watch it live.With specific hashtags, fans in Singapore expressed their support for their favourite football club. These hashtags trended the quickest on Twitter, with three of the Top 10 fastest-rising Twitter trends relating to football. Manchester United (#GGMU) tops Liverpool (#YNWA), and the 2014 FIFA World Cup (#WorldCup) joined the list, too.

Top 20 Most-Followed Singaporean Twitter accounts

Unlike other markets that are dominated by celebrity accounts, there are a diverse range of top Singaporean Twitter accounts ranging from news, to fashion to entertainment and humour.

News:  Singaporeans use Twitter as the real-time information network to stay on top of the latest stories and trends. The nation’s top news outlets Straits Times (@STcom), Channel NewsAsia (@ChannelNewAsia) and TODAY (@TODAYonline) all made the list, as well as Yahoo Singapore (@YahooSG). Fashion and lifestyle account Wardrobe Trends Fashion (@WTFSG) tops the list with over 535,000 followers as Singaporeans are interested in being the first to know about lifestyle and fashion trends, and everything else in Singapore that’s hot to trot for fashionistas.

Entertainment: Four out of the top 20 Singaporean accounts are recording artists, singers or entertainers on the rise, in addition to the official account for MTV Asia and the Singapore fanbase for KPOP group Super Junior. Using Twitter to reach a global audience has paid dividends for home-grown musical talent such as Wiltay (@wiltay_), JJ Lin (@JJ_Lin), Stefanie Sun (@Stefsunyanzi), and Nicole Chen (@nicolechen).

Humor: Singaporeans show us their humorous side with satirical writer Kim Mun Lee (@mrbrown), comedic anime Tweeter Mr. OtakuComedy (@MrOtakuComedy) and the novelty account So Singaporean (@SoSingaporean) featuring in the Top 20 list.

#OOT (Only on Twitter) Spotlight: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

There are moments that happen only on Twitter and frequently between influencers and leading personalities. Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (@leehsienloong) is a great example of a world leader on Twitter. He uses the platform to show his human side and provide behind-the-scenes access to connect with the average Singaporean, including Tweets and photos of himself at major events, his inner thoughts on Singapore’s way of life, and a humourous selfie with his own wax figure at Singapore’s new Madame Tussauds.

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Here are PM Lee’s top 10 most retweeted Tweets in 2014:

  1. PM Lee congratulates President-elect Jokowi:https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/491584544810618882
  2. PM Lee’s National Day Rally comment about kids learning through play: https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/239714696784130048
  3. PM Lee shows concern during the MH17 crisis:https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/489806616879845377
  4. PM Lee takes a selfie with Malaysian Prime Minister: https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/401248127904018432
  5. PM Lee takes a selfie with his wax statue at Madame Tussauds in Singapore: https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/524577095335161856
  6. PM Lee wishes Muslims a Salam Maal Hijrah:https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/525608229745606658
  7. PM Lee expresss concern over missing flight MH 370:https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/442144946074566656
  8. PM Lee celebrates Youth Day: https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/485589871910588417
  1. PM Lee announces the building of the Yusof Ishak Mosque:https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/500958820319776769
  2. PM Lee commenting on the haze and advising people to stay indoors: https://twitter.com/leehsienloong/status/347406332791504896

Global #YearOnTwitter on 2014.Twitter.com

To look back on the best global moments from the year, we’re unveiling #YearOnTwitter on 2014.Twitter.com. From Ellen’s Tweet to space travel, and triumphant World Cup moments, if it happened in the world, it happened on Twitter.

2014.Twitter.com also showcases the year from the perspective of some of your favorite (and most prolific) Twitter users. The list of featured users is below. From the site, you can also explore their #5ToFollow to see their own must-follows.

Finally, while Ellen’s and EDY’s Tweets are the most “Golden” internationally and locally, there are countless others we won’t soon forget. Here are a few you might appreciate:


Whatever happens in 2015, Twitter will be the place for Singaporeans to follow along in real-time.