LTA launches Taxi-Taxi@SG app for Taxis and Commuters

LTA has finally launched the Taxi-Taxi@SG app. It is a win-win situation for taxis and commuter. Now, the taxis will know where their potential customers are and commuters can know where the taxis are.


The app is super simple. Just Google Maps with an overlay showing the taxis’ and commuters’ location. Tap on Taxi icon to let taxis knows that you are at that location.

Not a correct position, no worries. You can change to the correct position on my map. Just press the Taxi logo, locate your real current position, tap on it and a logo will show up. Just need to confirm it to complete.

Do note that NOT ALL positions can be marked. It might say you are out of the boundary. Try again until you get your nearest one.

BTW, you cannot call a cab from this app. This app is just a way to “communicate” both ways to the commuters and to the taxis. I think it as a beacon (of hope?) for taxis and commuters.

As this is the first version, many features will not be there. Hopefully it gets better in the next release. Here are the initial features.


  • Commuters can spot available taxis where-ever they are, whenever they want
  • Commuters can easily indicate their need for taxi by tapping on the exact location of choice
  • Taxi drivers can get visibility of where commuters have indicated their need for one

The Taxi-Taxi@SG app is available both for Google Android and Apple iOS devices.

Click Here to get Taxi-Taxi@SG for Android


Click Here to get Taxi-Taxi@SG for iOS