What is Sway? It is actually not what some of you may think (video)

If you are in an Asia, ‘Sway’ might not be a good word. According to Coxford Dictionary, it means “calamity” or “catastrophe”. Anyway, this post is not to discuss this word. Instead, it is to introduce  Microsoft latest app, SWAY.


So, what is SWAY?

From Microsoft Office Blog,

Sway is an entirely different way to express yourself and bring your ideas to life. When your ideas are born, you want to explore, visualize and share them—quickly and easily, wherever you happen to be, and on whatever device you have.

Difficult to understand? I think so.

In layman term, it is an app, that works well with Microsoft Office to create awesome presentation in the form of a website with just a few click. It uses smart algorithm to decide the look. Sway “takes care of the design work”.

Here is a video that might be easier to understand.

If you want to know more (a lot more), click the below link.

Click Here to know more about Microsoft Sway

The ultimate aim of the SWAY is that users can use multiple devices (Computers, Android, iOS devices) to access and edit SWAY. They can also use OneDrive and etc to select images or videos.

Sway is in preview now. You may want to get an invite. Microsoft mentions that they need you partnership to get feedback (and of course to test for bugs and etc). If you think this SWAY is good, go get it.