Reunite your classmates with LINE ALUMNI

Now there is a feature that can help you to reunite classmates in your Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Junior College or University (these are Singapore schools terminology. In other part of the world, it might be elementary school, middle school and etc). With LINE ALUMNI, it can create a list where all your classmates can be in it.


I believe there are already other apps that can do so. But LINE Alumni makes it more personal. For example, you can search for your Secondary school and input the year of graduate.From there, you can start to invite friends to this list. You can continue to add school to make another list.

BTW, do take note that there is a special promotion from 4th to 10th August with this free in-app feature “LINE ALUMNI”. Read the Press Release for more information.

Just one “complain”, where is the category for Tertiary Institutes in Singapore (Polytechnics, ITE and etc)?

Press Release

Find your beloved classmates through LINE ALUMNI

LINE introduces LINE ALUMNI, a new FREE in-app feature, in Singapore with a special promotion!

Singapore, August 1, 2014 – Have you always wanted to reconnect with that guy/girl whom you had admired in junior college or find your long lost best friend from primary school? Here’s your chance! LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform, is pleased to introduce a new FREE in-app feature “LINE Alumni” for both Android and iPhone devices in Singapore, with a special promotion starting 4 August 2014 till 10 August 2014.

Designed to enable LINE users to re-connect with their ex-classmates and other alumni from their previous schools, LINE Alumni hopes to change the face of school reunions by offering a database of LINE users registered under their alma mater in three easy steps!

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“With the launch of LINE Alumni, we hope to provide our Singaporean users with the ability to search for and bond with their ex-classmates and other alumni through LINE, which is our part of our commitment to help bring people closer together”, said Mr. Simeon Cho, General Manager of LINE Business Development Division, LINE PLUS Corporation.

To encourage the use of this feature, LINE will offer an exclusive promotion to Singaporean users where all you need to do is to recommend LINE Alumni to 10 friends and receive a LINE Paid Sticker Set – Cutter is Better. So start getting reconnected again with people whom you have lost contact with over the years through LINE Alumini!

How to use

  1. Download in-app feature “LINE ALUMNI” under LINE Apps tab
  2. Add up to four Alma maters and the year of your graduation.
  3. View and add members you’d like to reconnect with in the group as your LINE friends!