HTC One (M8) for Windows to debut on 19th August?

Here is one rumor that is spreading over these few days. HTC is making a Windows Phone and it will look exactly like the HTC One (M8) on Android. There is no confirmation from HTC but a leaked photo from Verizon server, and an invite (saw from some media sources) by HTC to a NYC event is making the speculation even real.


Here is the invite.


It has been a long time since HTC make Windows Phone. The previous model is HTC 8X. Hopefully, when HTC starts making Windows Phone, we can see more participation from popular apps to join the band wagon.

Recently, I saw more official apps coming to Windows Phone and with Cortana, the Windows Phone Assistant that will fight Siri, is another big draw. Currently, the situation is still pathetic. That is one major reason why I did not use Windows Phone anymore.


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