iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal display is indestructible but will it bend? (video)

You may have seen mock-ups of supposedly iPhone 6. You may even have seen a celebrity holding it, even though Apple has not officially announce it or even admit there is an iPhone 6. Anyway, it still does not stop someone from showing something that no one else has shown before.


That is, to torture the display of the iPhone 6 to the max. Ok, maybe not to the max but the way he bent the display (midway in the video), in your heart, you might already be prepared to see it snapped to pieces but it came out fine. So, you can say that Sapphire Crystal Display can really bend 🙂 .

Overall, the scratch tests are not something new. The bending part is something interesting. However, we have yet to see if it can withstand shock (like drop from height).

You can say that it is almost indestructible based on the video but we still cannot confirm if this screen/display is for iPhone 6 or not. In the video information, it states:

The 4.7″ Apple iPhone 6 will have a sapphire crystal display made by $GTAT

He might be referring to this, GT Advance Technologies.

PS: The video was taken in 4K resolution 🙂


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