Here is how to activate “Ok Google” everywhere on your device

Recently, when I was trying out Samsung GALAXY S5, I was very impressed that you can just say “Ok Google” on the main menu and it will work. I tried to do it on my HTC One (M7) and as expected, it doesn’t work. Today, I just realized (from another post) that it is so simple to activate it. Want to learn?


Here are the steps: –

  • Go to Google Search App
  • Do a search on “Ok Google Everywhere
  • Go to settings on Google Search App
  • You should see “Ok Google” Detection option.
  • Select “Ok Google” Detection
  • You should be able to see “From any screen” and “From lock screen” option.
  • If options are not selectable, you might want to change the language to one that is supported.
  • Select one of them will lead you to an agreement page.
  • Select “Agree” after reading it.
  • Train your device to understand your “Ok Google” command.

That is it. You can say “Ok Google” anywhere on your device now. Try it!

Update: You can check your settings in your Google Search App first. The option might already be activated. As for Android 4.3, I could not see this “From any screen” option after following the above steps.