Can this portable scanner reach USD500,000 on Kickstarter? (Video)

I have been searching for a portable scanner for the longest time. It is not because I couldn’t find them. In fact, I narrowed down to a few models but there is always one or two features that are missing that is stopping me from buying.


Two of features that I wanted are portability and rechargeable battery apart from the usual high-res scan. There are some in the market that is deem portable but it is still large (long, in fact) in my opinion. And some do not have rechargeable battery.

If you look at PocketScan, it actually satisfies my two criteria. It is super portable with built-in battery. It will have a app for your smart devices. This PocketScan is on Kickstarter and has reached its funding goal of USD50,000.

In fact, it is doing so well, it has reached above USD400,000. Here is how PocketScan works.

If you like to know more about PocketScan, click the link below. BTW, the PocketScan project is ending in 7 days time. If it can reach USD500,000, they will include Text to Speech feature into it.

Click Here to PocketScan on Kickstarter


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