Twitter to show number of views on tweets

For those of you who have been using Twitter since the early days, you might have noticed the continually changing user interface and designs be it on the web client or on their mobile app.

Twitter has been known to continually reinvent and redesign their clients, experimenting with various ways to  improve their user base. Small features like conversation views when someone mentions your twitter handle and integrating images into tweets are just a small part of their ever changing designs.


The latest addition to their innovation library is to experiment with showing the number of views on your tweets. This info, previously only shown to users who run campaigns on twitter, is now preparing to roll out to every user.

This, in my opinion, is to show people that their tweets are not lost to the web, and people are actually reading what they tweet, likely to spur users to tweet more while seeing their number of views go up.

What do you think of this new experiment by twitter?

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