Google now allows you to make your own Street View with Photo Spheres

As many may realized, Google Maps has become part of us. I believe in many situation, you will take out your phone and use the Google Maps to find a location. And with Street View, the experience becomes even better with 360 degree view of the place.


However, not many places have Street View. For a start, you will need a Google Street View Car or a Google Trike to scan the place and stitch the images seamlessly. And only selected places can has Street View.

Now, Google has released Photo Sphere where users can contribute 360 degree photos by stitching their images togethere using an Android phone (Do note that the Sphere Mode is only available on Nexus devices) or DSLR.

Once you have made the sphere, you can contribute to the Views community.

Basically, you have to: –

  • Make Photo Sphere
  • Contribute Photo Spheres to Google Views
  • Connect them as shown in the above picture

I guess it will be interesting to see Street View of users’ contribution.

Click Here to Read More about Creating Street View


Click Here to Photo Sphere