LG introduces latest HOM-BOT SQUARE cleaning robot in Singapore (video)

LG introduces the 2nd gen HOM-BOT SQUARE cleaning robot in Singapore. It is now available and RRP at S$1,299. I think it is a very steep price for a cleaning robot. However, I let you be the judge. Please read through the Press Release and specifications.

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I think although there are many cleaning robots in the market, LG’s HOM-BOT SQUARE seems to pack a lot of technology in it. Here is a video of it in action.

Press Release


LG HOM-BOT’s unique square design is the key to thorough cleaning for smarter living

SINGAPORE, 20 AUGUST 2013 – LG Electronics is introducing a new era of smart cleaning with its HOM-BOT SQUARE smart vacuum cleaner which is now available in Singapore stores. The HOM-BOT Square is the second generation of LG’s popular HOM-BOT cleaner. The new square-shaped design which cleans corners 89% more efficiently than conventional1 round shaped models makes cleaning homes a smarter and easier process.

Designed to help consumers lead more convenient lives while effectively saving time, the HOM-BOT is a testament to what LG Electronics is all about. With its sophisticated technology and resource-saving functions, the HOM-BOT SQUARE is touted to be the next generation of smart cleaning.

Scott Jung, Managing Director of LG Electronics Singapore says, “The LG HOM-BOT has enjoyed great popularity among consumers since its debut. The HOM-BOT SQUARE is not just a mere upgrade in performance percentages, but rather a step further in developing the smart living concept. At LG Electronics, we strive to put the needs of the consumers at the center of our products and base our design on the modern living. We are always trying to make the home experience more enjoyable for families and make their domestic life smarter. ”

LG engineers based the design of the new HOM-BOT on a square, different from the circular design of most Robot cleaners. The cleaner’s unique square design, hi-tech smart sensors and newly improved brushes (1.5cm longer than those in the previous model) are collectively called ‘Corner Master’. They enable the HOM-BOT SQUARE to reach corners of the room more effectively than other cleaners.

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The Upgraded Dual Eye2.0™, the World’s first and unique Dual Eye System, uses 2 cameras to supply the cleaner with spatial information, telling it when the edge of the room has been reached, when to turn and when to stop.

Sensitive Dual Eye2.0™ camera sensors scan the floor, sampling multiple images per second and then analyze the information to generate an accurate map of the space – even with dim lighting.

The Learning Function in the HOM-BOT SQUARE automatically remembers room designs and furniture locations, in turn, minimizing bumping and maximising optimal coverage.

The HOM-BOT SQUARE is also packed with on-board ultrasonic and infrared sensors which allow the machine to detect and easily avoid obstacles in its path.

LG’s HOM-BOT SQUARE also features Turbo Mode, which allows the user to manually set cleaning functions to the specific requirements of their flooring. Additionally, Smart Turbo Mode enables the cleaner to detect the type of flooring and change its own settings automatically.

Key Features of the HOM-BOT SQUARE:

  • Corner Master : Corner Master enables thorough corner cleaning due to the square shaped design and 1.5cm longer side brushes that reaches corners and walls closer than round-shaped vacuum cleaners
  • Dual Eye 2.0™: HOM-BOT SQUARE Dual Eye 2.0™ automatically calculates the intensity of light and uses its unique upper and lower camera to create a map of the ceiling and the floor. With better bearings, HOM-BOT SQUARE can effectively manoeuvre around the room without losing its way.
  • Easy-out Dust Bin: HOM-BOT SQUARE’s dust bin is designed to take out from the top. Easier to use than the conventional sliding type of dust bins, HOM-BOT SQUARE’s dust bin minimizes hassles of residual dust and has a bigger capacity(0.6L) for more dust intake
  • Low noise level: With its lower noise level of 60dB(A), cleaning can be done without disturbing the rest of the household
  • HEPA 11 Filter: The bigger HEPA 11 Filter traps harmful dust particles and helps HOM-BOT SQUARE cleaning system release back clean air
  • Smart Turbo: Smart Turbo mode automatically converts its cleaning mode to Turbo –mode when HOM-BOT SQUARE senses carpet floors. After cleaning, it automatically turns off the Turbo Mode
  • Learning Function: Learning Function allows the HOM-BOT SQUARE to memorize the location of obstacles and cliffs of your rooms, this minimizes bumping
  • Voice Guidance: With more than 90 voice alerts, this function notifies users of HOM-BOT SQUARE’s current status and movements, voice guidance can be put to silence when needed
  • Child Lock: Locks the button on HOM-BOT SQUARE preventing unintended operation by kids or pets
  • My Space: Allow you to set the specific area where cleaning should be done
  • Durable Battery: The Li-Ion Polymer battery has a longer lifecycle than the ordinary Ni-MH battery. This maintains over 90% of its designed capacity even after 300 cycles of recharge, thus enabling you to save money from replacing batteries less often
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Dimension (W x D x H): 340 x 89 x 340mm
Capacity Consumption Power: 13 W Running Time: 100mins Dust Bin Capacity: 0.6L
Key Features Corner MasterTM
Dual Eye 2.0TM
Smart Turbo
Smart Sensor
Digital Bumper
Low Noise (60dB)
Lithium Polymer Battery
Easy-out Dust Bin

The LG HOM-BOT SQUARE is available for $1,299 at all LG authorized retailers.

For more information about LG Home Appliances, please visit www.lg.com/sg


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1 Based on internal lab test results comparing LG HOM-BOT 2.0 with LG HOM-BOT SQUARE