jobsDB Singapore partners with Yahoo! to create more jobs opportunities

From this week onwards, jobsDB Singapore will be partnering with Yahoo!. As such, when you visit Yahoo! Singapore website, you can see a widget with links to jobsDB’s jobs on it. And at the same time, at jobsDB website, you can see the Yahoo! logo on the top.


Here is the Press Release.

Press Release

Things are a-changin’ at jobsDB

Managing Director, Angeli Beltran negotiates partnership with Yahoo! Asia Pacific to extend the reach of the job portal in Singapore

Singapore, August 13 2013 – Commencing this week, leading online job portal, jobsDB Singapore will be partnering with Yahoo! Asia Pacific, to create even more opportunities for job seekers in Singapore.

The alliance will see the Yahoo! homepage in Singapore add a dedicated jobs icon that will allow the site’s 5.5M monthly unique visitors to directly access the jobsDB Singapore website. Adding to the strength of the partnership, with the 22,000+ jobs available on jobsDB Singapore now being seen by Yahoo! visitors, jobsDB Singapore is now truly the place for employers to reach the widest breadth of candidates in Singapore. This is one of jobsDB Managing Director Angeli Beltran’s most impactful strategic moves for the year, one likely to set the wheels in motion for other exciting partnerships to come. By partnering with one of the most popular online destinations, this partnership will significantly broaden jobsDB Singapore’s reach.

Angeli Beltran, Managing Director of jobsDB Singapore and Malaysia, commented: “We chose to partner with Yahoo! APAC for two reasons: firstly, because of the sheer volume of visitors frequenting their site on a monthly basis, and secondly, we see a natural fit between the two brands and the user experience we aim to deliver. Since our establishment in 1998, our goal has been to be the undisputed job portal for job seekers

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To achieve this, we focus our energies on effectively matching making job seekers and employers by providing an accessible, user friendly and current service with the largest database of jobs – to us, this partnership with Yahoo! is a leap forward in this direction.”

“The Yahoo! home page is one of the most visited online destinations in Singapore, and we are always looking to provide our users with compelling reasons to visit us. Preferred placement on our home page provides jobsDB an unparalleled reach among Singaporeans,” commented Kee Jon-Tjin, Sales Director, Yahoo! Singapore.

To learn more about jobsDB Singapore, visit the website now.

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