Pay less for Data with SingTel DataMore

When I got the news (via SMS) that SingTel is ending its promotion on the data plan, I was devastated. It means that I had to pay more for the extra GB (beyond the monthly bundle data). Thanks goodness, there is DataMore add-on.


DataMore is a subscription model where you pay S$5.35 per month per GB used (beyond your bundle data). Previously, I remembered I subscribed to DataMore that is slightly different. My plan is actually 2GB extra on top of my 3GB at S$7 per month. Here is my plan.


Anyway, when I checked for other add-ons using the mobile app, I saw that I am also subscribed to the new DataMore add-on (1GB @ S$5.35). Not sure why it is so complicated. Nevertheless, for those who still wish to pay S$5.35 per GB (after the 16th September), you can check out DataMore. Currently, they are running a promo (which means more savings).


Do check out the promo page as there are terms and conditions and also a one-time setup fee for existing customers.

Click Here for more details on SingTel DataMore

BTW, SingTel also wrote to clarify something on the pricing of data. Here is the information (I copy and paste to avoid discrepancy)

The rate of $5.35/GB for 4G local excess data usage (data that is used beyond the monthly data bundle) was offered as a special promotion with the launch of our 4G service in June 2012.  The regular rate of $10.70/GB will apply from 16 September when the promotion, which was extended by more than 9 months, comes to an end.

Today, only 10% of our mobile subscribers consume more than their monthly data bundle. We have contacted these customers to let them know that they can continue to enjoy the rate of $5.35/GB by subscribing to our DataMore value added service. As a bonus, subscription for the first 6 months is free for those who sign up before 31 October. (More details at

And other information which I think is useful.

SingTel provides two easy and convenient ways for customers to monitor their data usage:

  1. Via the MySingTel app – available free from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.
  2. By dialling *3282 (*DATA) – they will receive an SMS reply with their current usage.

In addition, we will notify customers via SMS whenever they have used 80% and 100% of their data bundle.

So, that is it. Hope that it helps to clarify some doubts. If you really have doubts, I think you can check the FAQ which has quite a number of interesting information.

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