Beware of “MessageMe” or “Message Me” scam

Updated (thanks to DK): MessageMe has issued an announcement on Facebook with regards to the claim that by clicking the link, privacy will be lost. To make it short, The message circulating the Internet is a hoax stating that MessageMe will send information to all your friends and it will start to charge money once someone called back the number.

Here is the link.

Today, my Facebook timeline has been filled with a message asking people to beware of SMS message from “MessageMe”. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had received one yesterday. It says that someone “XYZ” wanted to be friends on MessageMe with a link.


Of course, I did not click on the link. In my opinion, it is strange that an SMS would contain an URL. As it is an URL shortener, I am not sure where it will go.

BTW, this is the message that has been circulating (taken from Facebook)


I did a little research on MessageMe. If you Google MessageMe, it is in fact an app for iOS or Android that has between 1 to 5 million installs (on Android) with a high rating of 4.1 from more than 57k people.

So, right now, I am not sure that the SMS I received (Message Me) is the one that many has been circulating on the Internet (MessageMe) or not.

Sadly, with social media nowadays, there is hardly an answer for it as many people shared without finding out the truth. So, I did my part in finding out the truth.

I copy and paste the link on Norton Safe Web to see if this link is ok or not.

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As you can see, the link is ok and it is the site that I mentioned earlier. Right now, I am not sure how that MessageMe SMS looks like but I am sure mine is a harmless one.

However, as a precaution, do not click on link that is suspicious. Check it before you click it. And I am not saying that SMS from Message Me or MessageMe is safe too. Just be cautious on the Internet (mobile or computer).