Nokia Lumia EOS leaked pictures seems very real

Wow, in a short span of one day, there are so many leaked pictures of the Nokia Lumia EOS. At this moment, nobody can confirm if they are real. However, judging from these pictures, I say they are real (at least, some prototypes).


Here is a close up of the lens. Note that it has XX MegaPixel. I believe this value will be filled in later (hope to see 41 MPX 🙂 ). In the above picture, you can see that there is even a lens cover to protect the lens. Nice.


Here are the side views of the phone. Looks slim although it has a huge camera module.


Here is the front view of the Nokia phone.


Here are some more pictures from another source. It shows the supposedly Nokia Lumia EOS in yellow color.






Are you convince now? I am actually looking forward to see this phone.




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