HighTech Brazil HackTeam claimed responsibility for hacking of PA website

Just received this information from Imperva. PA (People’s Association) website was hacked on 2nd December 2012. Until today, it is still not up. According to Imperva, it is the work of HighTech Brazil HackTeam and they classified the case as hacktivism.

Here is a Wikipedia explanation of Hacktivism. FYI, not only PA website is affected, 16 other affiliated websites were also hacked. Here is a statement from Stree Naidu, Vice President of Imperva in Asia Pacific and Japan, highlights that there is likely to be no motive behind the attack of the PA-linked websites.

The hacking of the PA-linked websites on Sunday, December 2, is a classic case of hacktivism. Hacktivism has no logic and selects targets whimsically. Any organization that has not studied their methods and attacks is a sitting duck.

The fact that PA and its other 16 websites are still offline as of 1.00pm on Tuesday, December 4, underscores the importance of preparedness among companies to be ready for hacktivism. Today, cyber riots have become one of the main ways to cause costly breaches that not only bring down websites, but have also led to data walking out the front door.

This is interesting. there might be updates of the situation later. Do note that this information is from Imperva and NOT from PA or its affiliates.