I-S wins best app at Asian Publishing Awards 2012 (Video)

It has been a while since I take up a physical copy of the I-S magazine. Today, I received the information that the I-S has won the best app at Asian Publishing Awards 2012.

Here is a video of the app.

Here is the Press Release


Singapore, 4th December 2012 – Asia City Media Group is proud to announce that the I-S Magazine tablet application has, on Friday, November 30, 2012, won the prestigious award for the Most Outstanding Project in the Best Publishing App category of the Asian Publishing Awards 2012, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Within just a few months of launching, I-S Magazine (launched in July) and sister publication BK Magazine (launched in September), have topped 7,000 downloads on the Apple iTunes Store.

With 157 projects from 34 companies in 8 countries vying for the Asian Publishing Awards 2012, the selection of the “Asia City Magazine Tablet App” is an outstanding achievement, testame nt to the company’s expertise in the realm of digital media: understanding and responding fast to developments in the industry and consumer markets.

“The winning App retains the sense of serendipity and excitement that comes when flicking through a magazine,” said the Asian Publishing Award judges. “The numbers adequately tell us how strong the idea is and how well it works.”

This year’s awards were presented at the gala dinner ceremony of the Asian Publishing Convention (APC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Asia City CEO Gretchen Worth and BK Magazine Managing Editor Gregoire Glachant attended the ceremony to accept the top publishing honors.

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Sponsored by automaker MINI in Singapore, and hotel rewards program Starwood Preferred Guest in Bangkok, the Asia City app also offers new ways for advertisers to reach out to readers, with the same detailed tracking as web ads, the interactivity of an app and the visibility of print media.

“Working with forward-thinking brands like MINI and Starwood is really exciting,” says I-S Magazine Managing Editor Ric Stockfis. “They’re using the platform to run the most dynamic ads in the market, to showcase their products in completely new and visually-stunning ways, and to engage directly with our most active, digitally-savvy readers.”

The I-S Magazine Tablet Apps offer:

  • Rich media: embedded videos, slideshows and audio clips
  • Easy-to-navigate hyperlinks and table of contents
  • Bookmarking and online sharing functions
  • Bonus issues including tablet versions of I-S Magazine’s food, travel and nightlife guides
  • In-app advertisements that also feature rich media elements

The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Find them at www.is-magazine.com/app

Download I-S on iPad app


Download I-S on Android app


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