My Loot at Comex 2012

Here is my loot at Comex 2012. In total, I spent S$445 over a few hours. The only thing that I did not think properly before I buy is the connection kit for the iPhone/iPad. More about that later.

These are what I have bought: –

  • Jawbone ERA bluetooth earpiece (S$178)
  • Mini Sun Power Save & Stabilizer (S$209)
  • Card Travel Adapter (S$48)
  • Camera kit adapter (USB and SD card) for iPhone/iPad (S$10)

Jawbone ERA bluetooth earpiece

A replacement for my earpiece. Quite expensive but I like that the software can be updated and customization can be done via Jawbon MyTalk.

Mini Sun Power Save & Stabilizer

This is something that I bought for “testing”. If working properly, it is supposed to save 10% to 30% of your electricity bill. Just plug it into any 13 Amp plug and let it run.

The thing about it is that it has a capacitor (I believe) in it to stabilize the power. Hence, with a more uniform power, it should be able to utilize them properly. They actually have a meter (current) to show me the drop in the usage with the unit powered on.

I will monitor this for a few months and update later. BTW, I think the design is very dated.

Card Travel Adapter

I saw this product during the CommunicAsia in June 2012. It is in a card size and has some nice design properties (replaceable fuse, 1A USB port, compact).

Camera kit adapter (USB and SD card) for iPhone/iPad

This is a failure product. It is touted to be able to display thumb drive content. However,  I should have know that the thumb drive will draw too much current to be used. Any way, it is supposedly to be able to connect direct to your camera, keyboard via the USB port. It has a SD card slot too. Not a genuine Apple product, BTW.

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That is it. My loot at Comex 2012.