Nokia Says Things Are About to Change on 5th September (Video)

Nokia has uploaded a 21 seconds video that shows nothing but a lady on a bicycle with the words “THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE” followed by a date, 05.09.2012.

Many are already speculating a Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset with PureView. It is not unbelievable given the success of PureView (except that it is on a symbian handset).

I seriously think that this should be the main event for Nokia to gain the market share. They have missed the chance to be the first to announce a Windows Phone 8 handset, no thanks to Samsung and they are in a serious situation. Apple might be announcing the next generation iPhone on the 12th September. If Nokia is not able to capture the interest of the people, they might not be able to pull people away from iPhone or Android, ever.

My wish, I hope Nokia can make a phone with interchangeable lenses. That WILL be the real change. 🙂

Here is the video.


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