Microsoft and Lionsgate Bring Hunger Games to Your Browser (Video)

If you are clueless about Hunger Games, it is actually a novel by Suzanne Collins. It is about Panem of the future where teenager are forced to fight to survive (like gladiators). It has been made into a movie (released on the 23rd March 2012).

Microsoft and Lionsgate, together with help from leading design and developer agencies the Nerdery and Ignition Interactive, has made a HTML5-powered Hunger Games companion site.

Before visiting the site, here is a trailer of the movie.

Interesting? From my understanding, this movie will be the next “Harry Potter”.

Click Here to Visit Capitol Tour in HTML5 Goodness

By pinning the site (on IE9), you’ll be notified of any new content. The site will just get more and more awesome as we get closer to the release of the movie on March 23, including the additions of a training center where visitors can see Hunger Games competitors exercising and preparing for the games, and a memorabilia center where visitors can explore artifacts and weapons used in previous Hunger Games.

BTW, did you notice some really neat developer touches like skewed HTML5 video, procedurally generated particle effects, and cinemagraphs – which is a technique of blending the effects of images and videos?

Want to know how it is made? Here is the video of “Behind the scenes”

Click Here to “Making of the Hunger Games Capitol Tour”