iPhone 6 torture test building but it is no match for GALAXY Note 3 (video)

We have witness the latest iPhone 6 Plus being bent by bare hands but do you think Apple did not test their product first before releasing them? Of course not. It has a building to perform stress tests on the units. However, that cannot be matched with this video of a Samsung GALAXY Note 3 being put into the same bend test as iPhone 6 Plus results. Guess the results.


The same person that bent the iPhone 6 Plus has taken the task of trying to bend the GALAXY Note 3. Here is the video.

So, the results is out. If you have a GALAXY Note 3, you will probably not have to worry about what iPhone 6 Plus users are worrying now. It seems that Polycarbonate body (or non metal body) is more practical for a big phone.

And about the iPhone 6 stress test building


Here is the video

Looks like it is not enough test for real life usage. I guess that should have Steve Jobs’ method of testing. Putting the phone into his own pocket to ensure that everything is right, up to the smallest details. I thought that is (was?) the spirit of Apple?