5 Person 5 Reviews on Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone

If you remembered, I reviewed Nokia Lumia 800 a few weeks ago. At the end of the review, I did mention that I will past it to some other people to do a review on it. Well, the 5 person had done their reviews. Read on to see them all 🙂 .

Here are their reviews. How are these reviewers chosen? Well, they are my friends (wife, brother) but I did tell them to put in their frankest comments on this Nokia Lumia 800.

1. Clifton Lim’s Review at Nokia Singapore Facebook Page

Hi Nokia Sg, here is my simple review after trying out the phone (courtesy of Techielobang). I have been a Nokia user some years ago and moved on to the iPhone, and this Lumia is a nice comeback from Nokia in the smart phone market.


  1. Sleek and unique design with good built quality. The body feels very solid with smooth matte finish which is very comfortable to hold and quite grippy.
  2. The camera placement at the rear is about one-third from the top which helps in accidently covering it when holding. Most other phones are near the edges where it’s easy to block with your fingers.
  3. All the buttons are at the right side of the phone which makes a one-handed operation quite easy.


  1. The 3.7-inch ClearBlack OLED display is very bright and sharp and easy on the eyes. Looks as good as the iPhone’s retina display or Samsung’s AMOLED display.
  2. The curved/convex Gorilla Glass feels great to the touch as compare to other conventional flat based screen glass. Very unique in this day and age of smart phones.


  1. Each app is represented by a thumbnail.
  2. Very smooth scrolling interfacing/selecting the thumbnails.
  3. Speed response and fast Internet surfing (via wifi). I could not get the 3G working though.


  1. Ease of accessing email. Just one click away for Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and even Microsoft Exchange (work email) at the home screen.
  2. Very good and simple email interface which displays your inbox showing all main, unread, urgent with just a swipe to the left or right.
  3. Same interface for all different email providers for consistency and ease of use, as oppose to using the original app from Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail on iOS or Android.
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Social media

  1. The People hubs integrates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles of yourself and others. Great for an all-in-one one stream.
  2. The Messaging hubs integrates SMS and chatting apps like (MSN, Facebook). All this does not require a standalone apps or even 3rd party apps (free/purchase) like IM+, BeejiveIM or eBuddy, etc.


  1. 8MP Carl Zeiss camera optics with widest aperture of f2.2 produces sharp and contrasty photos.
  2. Very smooth 720P video captures.


  1. I like the Nokia Lumia 800. It’s a great partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. It’s something different from the masses of iOS and Android platform. Needs getting use to but it’s a matter of time only.
  2. Need more variety of apps comparing to iOS/Android apps, but most popular apps are there

2. Debra Wang posted on Facebook Wall

The Nokia Lumia 800 is something new to me. Having been using the iPhone for the past years, it is difficult to switch over to another phone. However, after much coaxing, I decided to take a second look at this Lumia 800.

First impression is that the phone is light and well built. The design is nice too. I did not thought that Nokia would come up with such a phone after all these years (My last Nokia phone was a Symbian phone many years ago).

After powering up the phone, I realize that the user interface is very smooth and easy to use. The big tiles are easy to navigate and the functions are quite intuitive. Too bad, this phone does not come with front facing camera where sometimes I can use it as a mirror.

Overall, it has a nice design and easy to use menus. Thanks to my hubby – Joe (TechieLobang), who lets me try something different from the iPhone that I had for years. Here is a simple picture of the front and back design. I think it comes in pink and blue too.
— with Joe Teh.

3. Desmond Teh posted on Facebook Wall

Recently I got the chance to hands on Nokia Lumia 800 phone, thanks to Joe from TechieLobang.

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After exploring the phone for sometime, here are the review that I came with.

Pros :

  • New Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
  • Great Nokia Clear Black Display
  • Custom Nokia Drive (I think offline navigation coming soon) & Nokia Maps
  • 8mp Carl Zeiss Lens Camera with Dual Lens Flash

Cons :

  • No Front Camera
  • No Micro SD Card Slot
  • No direct bluetooth file transfer
  • No Wifi Hotspot
  • No Flash support in browser

4. Phua Chye Boon posted on Facebook Wall

Joe Teh (TechieLobang) passed me a Nokia Lumia 800 for trial.
Size is as comfortable as iPhone4.
Screen seems slightly larger.
This is a more sleek design than iPhone, given the fact that Nokia has prepared a very fitting black Matt coloured phone cover that comes with the phone itself.
Save on cover cost 😉

Using the Lumia 800’s sensitive touch screen effortlessly. Surfing Facebook, it seems to load faster than my iphone4.

If there is any complain, it would be the keys of the keyboard/pad. It is arranged very closely and is not comfy in using keypad to sms or post stuffs.
Overall thanks for the experience of this Nokia trial, it’s been long time since N95! 😉

5. James Ngeo posted on Facebook Wall

Got few days chances playing on the Lumia 800, below my personal feeling on the new handset.

1. I like the camera & image quality as it’s more bright & more real colour as compare to my current iphone.

2. I do not like the outer casing as i always feel like dropping it easily.
When i hold it for typing sms, it feel like difficult to move my fingers around.
The side buttons also feel unsecure when pressing on it & i believe they are easily fault

3. I like the gaming experince on it when i play the Sonic 4 & Angry bird, but the phone went hay-wire when i install an apps called Sketch board, unable to start up properly.

4.The battery life as usual, not performing better than iphone, last for a day or slightly moe. I believe msot of the smartphone battery are performing the same due to lots of programs running.
Overall, my personal feels that window phone performing not better than iphone.

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——– END ———–


Thank you so much for the 5 of them (my wifey and brother especially) for taking their time to test the unit. I must say that it is too short a time frame to really test out any phone.

BTW, all of them are currently using iPhone and only one has switch to Android recently after using iPhone for a period of time. It seems that everyone is using iPhone as a benchmark on the user interface.

For the last review, I personally saw the Sketch Board not able to run on the Lumia 800. It could be due to the app itself but we did not investigate further.

I feel that all of them did not really dig deep into the Windows Phone OS to uncover the goodness of it. At the same time, I can feel the frustration of not having the “usual” or “popular” apps on the Windows Phone OS. These might be one of the reasons people are not using the Windows Phone.

During the review period, I realized that many people had not seen the Nokia Windows Phone at all and has no idea about Windows Phone.

Nokia, together with Microsoft, should continue to promote the Windows Phone. Finally, I really hope to see a faster development for Windows Phone (in the high end category).